Eating Watermelon

4 Reasons Why Eating Watermelon is the Tastiest Way to Lose Weight!

23-08-2017   |  

Do you know eating watermelon on a daily basis can help you lose weight? Shocked, right? Well, don’t be! This juicy summer fruit does tastes not only delicious but also has many health benefits. On the top of that, it helps people shed a few pounds. Are you trying to lose weight and are always tempted to eat something sweet? If that’s the case, then you can eat watermelons as they are sweet but does not have a lot of calories. Also, they h. Read more...

Maintain Weight Loss

What are the Best Ways to Maintain Weight Loss?

21-08-2017   |  

Congratulations! You have worked hard, followed the strict diet plan and exercised rigorously and achieved your weight loss goal. But is that enough? No, it’s not. As hard as it is to lose weight, it is even harder to maintain weight loss after you have stopped dieting. Most people fear that they will gain weight once they have stopped dieting. But, don’t get discouraged! Experts say that there are several ways to maintain weight loss that wo. Read more...

Common Gym Mistakes

8 Common Gym Mistakes You Might Be Making!

18-08-2017   |  

Finally decided to step inside a gym? Congratulations on your first step! But do not forget to avoid these common gym mistakes that most of us make almost every day! Here in this blog, we will talk about the common mistakes which we generally do while going in for workouts. . Read more...

Ways to Lose Weight

15 Effective Ways to Lose Weight Naturally!

17-08-2017   |  

The importance of cutting calories is known to all those who have ever tried or still trying to lose weight. Shedding pounds is not always easy, and it is not as simple as it sounds! It is commonly believed that burning more calories than you consume helps in weight loss. This belief is quite right! Now you must be wondering what the best ways to Lose weight ? Don’t you worry; we have included some of the surprising ways to cut calories in this. Read more...

Food Myths

Which are the Best Foods to Gain Weight?

16-08-2017   |  

While so many people are struggling with weight loss issues these days, there are also some people who try so many things to gain weight. As simple as it may sound, but putting on weight is not something that is easy to do! But, it is not an impossible task. If you want to put on weight, then you can include some foods to gain weight naturally! . Read more...

Weight Training

6 Reasons to include Weight Training in your Workouts!

13-08-2017   |  

Who doesn’t want to lose weight? Who doesn’t want to look good or to feel good and confident? Who doesn’t want to reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass and burn calories more efficiently? Most of the time people assume that cardio and some of the stretching exercises are enough to lose weight and make the body more flexible and lean. They think that it would be very helpful for the strengthening of muscles and ligaments. But the fact i. Read more...

Tips to Gain Muscle

Tips to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat in Just 2 Weeks

11-08-2017   |  

Who doesn’t want to gain muscle, lose fat and improve their overall physical appearance? Everybody does! It is next to impossible to gain muscle and lose fat without doing an intense workout. Now, we are not saying that you will be able to gain a lot of pounds in two weeks or so. But, with a strict diet and some explosive exercises; you surely can add some serious muscle to your frame. So, let’s explore the amazing tips to gain muscle. Dur. Read more...

Military diet for weight loss

Military Diet for Weight Loss: Lose 10 pounds in just 3 Days!

08-08-2017   |  

Are you tired of following Diet Plans to lose weight but in vain? Well, don’t worry! There is something you can do to lose 10 pounds in just three days. Shocking right? Well, no matter how surprising it might seem, but there is a diet plan which is currently one of the world’s most famous “diets” which claims to help people lose around 10 pounds in a single week. Excited to know about this Diet Plan? Well, it is the Military Diet for weig. Read more...