Lose Weight in the Summer Season

Why is it Easier to Lose Weight in the Summer Season?

19-06-2018   |  

Have you ever heard people saying that it is easy to lose weight in the summer season? Have you ever wondered why we put on so much weight during winters but shed pounds easily during the summers? Well, there is a reason why we tend to lose more weight during summers. Today we are going to discover the mystery behind successful weight loss in the summer season. . Read more...

Gym vs Yoga

Gym vs Yoga: Which One is Better for Weight Loss?

11-06-2018   |  

Gym vs Yoga: Which one is better to lose weight? People who start a fitness regime always get confused between the two. Most people want quick weight loss results, and that is why they are not able to decide whether they should opt for gym or yoga. Both have their benefits, and today we are going to understand which one is better for weight loss. . Read more...

The DASH Diet

The DASH Diet is the No 1 Diet for Heart Health, say health experts!

19-05-2018   |  

Eating healthy is the key to weight loss, but how to know which diet plan is the best? Well, fortunately, we now know the best diet for weight loss and heart health. New annual rankings from U.S News & World Report revealed that the best diets for 2018 is a tie, with the DASH diet and Mediterranean Diet in the first place. U.S News & World Report put together a panel of food & health experts to rank 40 diets on a range of measures, li. Read more...

Tips to get a Smaller Waist

Tips to Get a Smaller Waist in a Week

11-05-2018   |  

Getting a slimmer waist is everybody’s dream. But, it is not at all easy to lose weight around the belly and get a slimmer waist. One needs to say ‘No’ to junk food, exercise and follow a strict diet routine to get that perfectly shaped figure just like your favourite actress. Here are some tips to get a smaller waist in 7 days. . Read more...

Baking Soda for Weight Loss

How to Use Baking Soda for Weight Loss?

19-04-2018   |  

Baking soda does more than just enhancing the taste and texture of foods. Baking soda can also be used for weight loss. Yes, you heard it right! Baking soda improves digestion, purifies the liver, regulates the levels of bad cholesterol in the body, and burns calories. If you want to burn fat around the tummy and get a slimmer. Read more...

Banana and Milk Diet

She Had Bananas and Milk For Four Days and Lost 4 Kg

27-03-2018   |  

Do you feel embarrassed when you see your tummy fat? Getting rid of belly fat is not at all easy. One needs to work really hard to get back into proper shape, and not everyone wants to do an intense workout at the gym/home. So, does that mean there is no other way to lose weight? Well, there sure is! If you feel too lazy to work out and still want to burn fat, then you might as well try the amazing banana and milk diet. Many people who have tried. Read more...

Sweet Potato Diet

The Sweet Potato Diet That Made People Lose 5 Pounds in 3 Days

26-03-2018   |  

Weight loss goals are hard to achieve. It is not easy to lose weight mainly because people are not able to control the urge to eat their favourite foods. Well, in that case, you must have something that is healthy and tasty too. One such food is sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are rich in fibre and other essential minerals that help people stay fit and healthy. How to use sweet potatoes for losing weight? Let us understand the amazing way to incorpo. Read more...

How to Build Lean Muscle

How to Build Lean Muscle in 15 Days?

16-03-2018   |  

Hitting the gym has become a trend these days. Everyone wants to have a physique that is envied by others. While it is true that gym training helps people build lean muscle mass, however, one must not forget that a healthy diet plays a pivotal role too in muscle building. There are some foods that stimulate the process of muscle building and help people gain muscle mass faster. Want to know ‘How to Build Lean Muscle Mass in just 15 days?’ Her. Read more...