Computer Vision Syndrome

10 Ways to Save Eyes from Computer Vision Syndrome

14-12-2015   |  

All body part of our body has its particular importance but some body organs are so significant that we can’t imagine our life without them, and our eyes are one of them. We all are blessed with eyes, but it is of utmost importance to take care of our eyes if we want to keep them healthy.Computer Vision Syndrome is one such issue which we need to be aware of to be able to take care of our most precious organs. Regular exercise, proper portion a. Read more...


Incorporate Fibre Rich foods in the Diet for a Fitter you !

11-12-2015   |  

A diet consisting of fibre is necessary for the proper functioning of the body to keep the digestive system in good shape. It usually constitutes of indigestible parts of a plant which passes unchanged through the intestines. It controls cholesterol and stabilises glucose levels. Ideally, countries that have a high fibre diet have a lesser number of people who have diabetes, bowel cancer, and heart diseases. It is found in massive proportions . Read more...


Exercising – Get up and Get going!

02-12-2015   |  

People who believe in procrastination have a real struggle to find the right time for exercising. Although it is a self-made issue, it is something that will bog you down. It grows on to you like a creeper would and then eats you up from within. Honestly, it's not that bad a thing, if you know the right time to get up and do things for yourself, which you would do eventually. Exercising is one such thing which gets to the backseat of our life . Read more...

Weight Loss

Seven Reasons why your Weight Loss Plan may not be Working

13-11-2015   |  

Weight loss is a serious issue with many men and women even when they are on a diet and following a workout regime. As the scales refuse to trip, you get demotivated and depression sets in. So what can be the reason behind your inability to lose all those oodles of fat? According to research, some reasons can be responsible for your body acting in this manner. This list can be a real eye-opener: Lack of Sufficient Muscle Tissue:. Read more...

Fitness routine

Gear up your Fitness Routine!

23-10-2015   |  

Are you fed up of trying out the skinny outfits, and leaving them out always, because of your disproportionate body shape? All you need is to introduce a few changes in your lifestyle and Fitness routine to invite the envious eyes to stare at you! A regular exercise can do wonders, apart from getting you back to your tight clothes. Boost up your energy levels, enhance your self-esteem, improve your immunity system, help you to overcome stress . Read more...

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating for a Healthy Life

15-10-2015   |  

Evolution and adaptation are two of the most complex traits of life. All organisms must have the capability to adapt and evolve as per challenges and circumstances to survive. It is not different for human beings. To lead a decent unhindered life, a person must possess good health and go in for Healthy Eating habits. Health is the stable condition of the living organism in which all the vital internal functions perform in harmony for preservat. Read more...

Avoid sleep after lunch

How to Avoid Sleep After Lunch

07-10-2015   |  

  It is a common tendency among people to feel drowsy after having lunch. It reduces their capacity to remain active at work during these hours. It eventually affects our work and degrades our position at work. So to avoid this, we need to find the reason that causes drowsiness and also needs to know the ways to avoid sleep after lunch . Read more...

Eating Fish

Top Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Fish

29-09-2015   |  

Eating Fish has long been associated with making people brainy and being a nutritious low-calorie diet. The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil is highly essential for the human body which it is unable to produce. Hence consuming it from outside is very necessary. Omega-3 is responsible for maintaining a good heart and overall health. Thankfully, if you dislike it, you can always get away with one or two helpings a week, which is sufficient for. Read more...