Sources of Healthy Fats That You Should Include In your Diet

23-07-2015   |  

Edible fats are well-loved, well-criticized and much-debated. There was a time when the general consciousness among weight-watchers was any fat in food is bad. The nutritionists, dieticians and medical experts used to preach that- fat is lethal for heart, level of cholesterol and holistic health. Over the years, that myth has been shattered somehow. Right now, it’s not the fat but the type of fat you eat- that matters. The Paradox . Read more...

Tips to Lose Weight

The Weight Loss Journey and Tips to Lose Weight Fast

19-07-2015   |  

Losing weight is a journey that requires dedication and determination. Most of the people fail to achieve the desired weight at the end because; they tend to achieve bigger goals. If you think that you need to lose 6 Kg’s in a month, then it can create mounting pressure on you. But losing 2 Kg's within 30 days doesn’t seem so intimidating. To make the journey fun and bearable, you need to develop some good habits and include them in your dail. Read more...

Cranberry Juice

Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice to stay Young and Fit

03-07-2015   |  

Cranberry is as tasty and good looking as it is effective. The benefits of eating cranberry and having Cranberry Juice are not new. It has been used to make tarts, juices, or simply consumed straight from the plants. Its contribution towards improving health and preventing diseases and infections can never be undermined. It is a great friend of diabetics since they can consume natural sweetness without any fear of boosting their suga. Read more...


Turn Towards Optimism with a Commendable Lifestyle

29-06-2015   |  

The presence of a healthy life is an important factor for an individual. We all know that living with a healthy body is the best way to live happily. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we can enjoy life to the fullest without worrying about things that would harm us or cause any pain. Key principles to maintaining a healthy lifestyle are to eat a nutritious diet, exercise regularly, take adequate rest, and positive thinking. Heal. Read more...

Childhood Obesity

Detecting and Dealing with Childhood Obesity

13-06-2015   |  

Dealing with Childhood Obesity Childhood obesity is a medical concern that involves a child having a weight that’s abnormally higher than his/her ideal weight. Childhood obesity affects toddlers to adolescents and if not detected and treated in time, can lead to serious health conditions. Physical health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol levels are the most common outcomes of childhood obesity. Apart from . Read more...

Daily Yoga

Practice Daily Yoga To Stay Fit Even on the Move

09-06-2015   |  

People love to travel, seeing new things, experiencing new activities, adventures and excitement. The exhilaration is what inspires people to travel, a break from the monotonous lifestyle. The only problem people face while travelling is that the feeling of being cramped up, in train compartments, bus or on an aeroplane. This cramped up position causes a lot of muscle aches and joint problems, stiff back or stiff neck and so on.Doing Daily Yoga e. Read more...

How to Reduce Extra Calories

How to Reduce Extra Calories by having Effective Bedtime Snacks

05-06-2015   |  

Worried about putting extra weight or disrupted sleep because of snacking before bedtime. Worries can be handled if only the amount of calories you take is less than the calories you burn. While going to bed, having flavoured desserts or a scoop of ice cream isn’t something that may help in getting a sound sleep at night. This will only increase the fatigue and make you feel tired and lethargic when you get up in the morning. One should always . Read more...

Improve Your Memory

Improve Your Memory with Right Nutrition

01-06-2015   |  

Cerebral powers are something that almost anybody would like to possess. Not only does it help them make headway in their professional sphere, but it also helps in being more acceptable and praiseworthy when in the company of friends, relatives and peers.The intake of Nutritious Food can help improve Your Memory The only way in which a person can have an enormous amount of knowledge is by reading and accessing information that is relevant to t. Read more...