Diet myths

Top 7 Diet Myths and Facts you need to know

19-05-2015   |  

When you intend to follow a diet plan you are bound to get a lot of advice as to what to eat and what not to. It's really difficult to pick the best option among so many advices. Moreover, there are many myths regarding diet that people blindly follow some of them. So, first of all, you need to find out which ones is a myth and what are the facts. Some diet myths can also prove to be dangerous. So it's better to stay clear of those dangerous myth. Read more...

Burn Calories

Creative ways to Burn Calories

15-05-2015   |  

There are many straightforward ways to burn calories. Everybody is too preoccupied with their fast lifestyle, so there is no time for the gym or other fitness options. But to stay healthy, you have to do some work to burn calories. Most people wish to be slim and trim and have a healthy body. If you don’t have time for the gym, then don’t worry there are lots of other creative ways to burn calories. Just put in an extra effort -it can yield g. Read more...

Water Workouts

Try out Some Water Workouts This Summer!

06-05-2015   |  

  Water workouts are the only workout where we exercise without losing sweat. Summer is here, and if you are afraid to go to the gym this hot season, you can try out some of the intense workouts in the water. In a nutshell, make your body fit and clean; since water evokes purity, clarity and calmness. Enjoy Water Workouts on a regular basis This Summer: A water workout is good for our health since they help our bones in staying. Read more...

Side Effects of Weight Loss

The Side Effects of Weight Loss Programs

30-04-2015   |  

Losing weight is essential for a healthy lifestyle and surprisingly for someone interested in getting slim and trim the avenues are many. You can hit the gym, choose dietary pills, follow plans designed by experienced dieticians, look for Weight Loss Programs available on the Internet or follow a combination of all of them. However one should also be aware of the Possible Side Effects of Weight Loss Program Picking the one that is most effecti. Read more...


Treadmill vs.Road Running: Which is Better ?

23-04-2015   |  

When people need to lose weight they resort to measures to lose it as soon as possible. A trend that is fast catching up around the world is that young boys and girls are resorting to crash diets. These crash diets are usually a way in which a person abstains completely from food or has very little of it. That makes him, or her lose weight faster. However, that is not a desirable way of losing weight! To lose calories, a person must go in for ca. Read more...

High Protein Snacks for Improving You

High Protein Snacks for Improving Your Health !

04-04-2015   |  

People tend to think that they can reduce weight and be fitter by depriving themselves of food or having a very restricted diet. What is most important is to have a balanced diet rather than less intake of food. A miscalculated diet coupled with an exhaustive exercise routine can bring in fatal results! A balanced diet, less in fats, is desirable for the body to function properly. However, some things must be consumed without fail. These are nutr. Read more...

Ideal Diet

Ideal Diet before and after Work Out

16-03-2015   |  

Pre-workout diet for everyone!As it is said that no one should go for a workout empty stomach! You should always follow these words and have your diet properly before you begin your workout.ideally, an Ideal Diet for workouts must fruits, veggies and healthy drinks. . Read more...

Whey Protein

Maximizing the Benefits of Whey Protein

09-03-2015   |  

Are you not satisfied with the gym results? Or worried about the thought of not reaping success after being an attentive workout? Indeed it is a common complaint, but we often forget about the fact of taking self-initiative to get a better effect. We hit the gyms to create a better version of ourselves but overlook the way to gain greater results. An addition of Whey Protein in our diet can give us a better quality of life as well reduce various . Read more...