13 Things that Happen when you Quit Sugar!

13 Things that Happen when you Quit Sugar!

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Sugar is something that is too hard to resist. You add it to your cup of morning coffee, or bake it into cakes and even sprinkle it all over your breakfast cereal. It also lurks in the processed foods that you eat including bread, meat and even ketchup. Yes, the moment something sweet touches your tongue, your taste buds yell: it’s something delicious! Sugar is indeed delicious and comforting, but this does not change the fact that it is potentially dangerous too! Eating too much sugar causes a lot of health problems. And once you quit sugar, you start noticing changes in your body.

Do you know what these changes are? Well, today in this article you will get to know 13 amazing things that happen to your body when you stop eating sugar. Now, we know that quitting sugar altogether is not a wise thing to do, as it can make you feel tired and weak and can even cause headaches due to withdrawal. So, it’s best to start slowly. Initially, you may choose to abstain from eating a few sugary items.

Quit Sugar

Also, you must know that quitting sugar is quite a difficult thing to do, and it can come with a host of not-so-fun symptoms of withdrawal. You might notice many withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking sugar such as:

    Weakness in body

    Headaches

    Increased hunger cravings

    Body pain

    Mood swings

    Anxiety

People generally experience all these symptoms just for a few days or a few weeks, and after that everything goes back to normal. Within a few days, you will feel happy and won’t get any headaches or cravings.

Why Quit Sugar?

So, now you must be thinking why stop eating sugar at all? How does it help? Well, it does assist in keeping you healthy and fit! Eating too much sugar leads to a lot of health problems, such as:

    It weakens the body’s immune system

    Overeating sugary foods can promote inappropriate inflammation that in turn promotes ageing and diseases.

    Eating sugar in an excess amount can also lead to a high Blood Pressure

    Sugar poses a significant threat to your teeth and can result in dental problems.

    Taking sugar in excess amount along with other unhealthy eating habits can indirectly lead to diabetes.

    Taking too much sugar also leads to obesity.

So, you can keep all these health problems at bay by reducing your consumption of sugar. And you will be amazed to know what wonders quitting sugar can do to your body. Curious to know? Well, then, let’s get started!

Here are the 13 Wonderful Things that Happen when you Quit Sugar

1. Your Heart Stays Healthy

To stay healthy and fit, your heart must be healthy. And to keep your heart healthy, you must refrain yourself from overeating sugar. It is because studies suggest that eating sugar more than what is recommended on a daily basis can double the risk of heart diseases. According to the American Heart Association, women should take about six teaspoons of sugar, and men should take about nine teaspoons of sugar on an everyday basis.

Low Blood Pressure

But, sometimes it becomes too hard to calculate the amount of sugar we are consuming every day. It is because sugar lurks in the strangest places, and so you might unintentionally binge on overeating sweet stuff. But if you be careful, you can avoid those foods which have ‘hidden’ sugar in them, such as packaged foods. And once you stop eating foods which contain sugar, your heart will be in better shape.

2. You Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat is the visceral fat that builds up around body organs like your liver, pancreas and intestines. And undoubtedly, the belly is very hard to get rid of! Most people try so many diet plans and exercise to lose the stubborn belly fat but in vain. But what if we tell you that just quitting sugar can help you lose belly fat? Yes, it is correct!

If you quit sugar, your belly fat will go away. It is important to get rid of belly fat because it increases the risk of heart diseases and diabetes. According to a recent study published in 2016, in which 1000 people took part; the results found that the more sugar-sweetened beverages people consumed, the higher their level of visceral fat. So, if you stop eating sugar, you will be able to get rid of that irritating belly fat.

3. Your Memory will Improve

After you quit sugar, your memory will start to improve. Eating too much sugar can cause forgetfulness, and if left untreated, it may even cause permanent brain damage. Metabolic syndrome is the known link between eating too much sugar and brain damage. It is even the risk factor for obesity. So, when you stop taking too much sugar, your cognitive abilities improve. So, want to remember the lessons you learnt at college? Then, limit your intake of sugar, and you will start remembering things better.

4. Your Skin will Glow

When you quit sugar, it reflects on your skin too! It is because sugar increases oil production which leads to acne breakouts and also has a dehydrating effect. Consumption of too much sugar leads to various skin problems such as dark circles, puffy eyes and even breakouts of acne. Various studies suggest that the amount of sugar in the blood sets up a molecular domino effect which is known as glycation, which reduces the skin elasticity. When you quit sugar, you will surely see the positive effects on your skin in 72 to 96 hours only. Your skin will glow, and even your complexion will be improved. It is because when you quit sugar, your skin gets proper nourishment. So, do you want to reduce signs of ageing and get glowing skin? Then, stop consuming too much sugar and see the difference!

13 Things that Happen when you Quit Sugar INFO

5. The Immune System gets Stronger

A strong immune system helps us to stay healthy as it keeps various diseases at bay. And studies suggest that sugar stops our white blood cells from doing their job of ingesting bacteria that cause disease. In the same research, it was found that starches do not have the same effects on the white blood cells. Thus, if you want to strengthen your immune system, then you must stay away from all processed and added sugar. And this actually happens when you quit sugar! When you stop consuming sugar, your white blood cells do their job effectively which in turn boost your immune system.

6.Inflammation and Joint Pain Decrease

When your sugar levels decrease, the joint pain and inflammation decrease. Eating refined and processed sugars can either cause or contribute to inflammation and joint pain in several ways. Eating a lot of sugar increases insulin levels in the body and insulin is known to cause inflammation, which leads to joint pain as well. So, when you quit sugar, your joints will be less inflamed and thus will not cause any pain.


7. You Feel Energetic

Added sugars are just carbohydrates which get digested and enter your bloodstream very quickly. You must have noticed that when you eat something sweet like a candy bar or a pastry to boost your energy level, it gives you instant energy. But, doing this for a long time, will harm your body by reducing its ability and efficiency to metabolise food correctly, transforming it into energy. And once the body becomes used to eating sugar for getting instant energy, it automatically starts looking for that when you feel weak and if the sugar is not found, you are in for a crash. So, when you need to feel energetic, you must swap sugar-sweetened snacks and meal for food items that are low in sugar and high in protein such as almonds. So, if you stop eating sugar, you will be more energetic throughout the day.

8. Your Teeth Starts to Shine

Once you stop consuming sugar, your oral health will improve. Eating sugar, especially in liquid form sticks to your teeth, and then bacteria immediately begin to eat it after which acid is produced. Once the acid is produced, it starts to eat away at the enamel on the teeth, which in turn leads to cavities, gum disease and gingivitis. Do you think brushing right after you eat something sweet will help you? No, it won’t! It is because then it will make your enamel softer and more prone to damage. Hence, once you stop consuming sugar, your oral health improves, and your teeth begin to shine like a pearl.

9.The Levels of Good Cholesterol in the Body Increase

There are two kinds of cholesterol in our body: “Good cholesterol” and “bad cholesterol”. To stay healthy, the level of good cholesterol must be higher than bad cholesterol. Too much consumption of sugar is known to increase the levels of triglycerides, which in turn increase your risks of developing cardiovascular diseases. Higher levels of triglycerides may also damage the arteries. And, hence once you stop eating sugar, the levels of good cholesterol in your body increase.

10. You will Cut your Risk of Diabetes

If there is a direct link between consuming sugar and developing type 2 diabetes or not; this topic remains a debate. However, various studies suggest that eating too much sugar can increase your chance of developing diabetes. Various studies suggest that among other factors, diets high in sugar cause the body to store visceral fat, which can eventually lead to insulin resistance and diabetes. So, if you cut down on sugar, you are less likely to develop diabetes.

11. You Feel Happy

We all want to stay happy, isn’t it? So, to stay happy and cheerful, you can just cut sugar from your diet. When you quit sugar, you will initially feel depressed and have mood swings, but that will be just for 5 or 6 days. After that, you will feel the happiest person on this planet! According to a study, drinking more than four soda cans a day increases your chances of feeling depressed by almost 40 per cent. When you overeat sugary items, your brain cause effects such as anxiety and even schizophrenia. So, get sugar out of your diet, and once you do that, you will surely feel happy.

12. You Burn Calories and Lose Weight

If you want to burn calories and lose weight quickly, then cutting sugar will help you in achieving your goal. When you eat sugar, it gets absorbed easily, but it is not a natural part of any human diet, and therefore it increases the production of insulin. Higher levels of insulin in the body then stop the body from using fat as fuel while converting sugar to fat, leading to weight gain. When you eat too much sugar, the ability of your body to burn fat decreases as your body is using its energy to burn that sugar instead of fat. And hence, once you stop taking sugar, the insulin remains in the amount it should, which in turn keeps you in proper shape.

13.Your Sugar Cravings Decrease

Most people love to eat sweets and are not able to control their craving to eat something sweet. When we eat sugary foods, our bodies immediately release serotonin, beta-endorphin and neurotransmitters that tend to reduce anxiety, increase self-esteem and improves our mood. So, naturally, when people feel low and depressed, they want to eat sweet foods because it gives them immense happiness. However, sugar is quite addictive and also causes many health problems. Hence, you must control your craving to eat something sweet. And that can happen once you stop eating sugar! When you gradually stop taking sugar, it is much easier to deal with these cravings and urges.

So, there are numerous benefits of cutting sugar from your diet. You can keep your teeth healthy, your heart will be in good shape, and you will be able to lose weight also. So, limit your consumption of sugar and see yourself getting healthier day by day!

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