3 Choline Rich Foods to Add to Your Diet

3 Choline Rich Foods to Add to Your Diet

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Choline, a member of the B-group vitamins, is essential for our bodies to function properly. However, many people aren’t getting the recommended daily dosage of choline, let alone know what it is. This is because choline was originally thought to be as unhealthy as cholesterol. However, It has only recently shed its negative reputation and is now known for a lot of positive impacts:


Improves your Mood :

Higher levels of choline concentration in people’s blood are found to reduce anxiety and depression.

Helps Lose Weight :

A study showed that people that took choline tablets for a week lost an average of 10 per cent of their body fat.
Increase brain power. Choline helps with all functions of the brain from preventing memory loss to speeding up cognitive processing. In one study, people that reported a diet rich in choline had a better cognitive function and a lower rate of white-matter hyperintensity, which is a predictor of dementia.

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Prevents Cancer :

People with higher choline intake have fewer levels of inflammatory markers that are associated with cancer and damage to DNA. If you’re interested in redeeming the powerful benefits of choline, be sure to add these following choline-rich foods to your diet.

Choline Rich Foods


The easiest way to substantially increase your choline intake is to eat more eggs. One egg yolk contains about 115 milligrams of choline. This is the reason for the old wives’ tale that suggests women should eat at least five egg yolks a day during pregnancy. It helps in the development of the brain for children as well as those in the stages of growth.


Raw Dairy

Another vegetarian option for choline is raw dairy such as yoghurt or fresh milk. Just 8 ounces of yoghurt or milk contains about 40 milligrams of choline. Yoghurt is extremely good because it also provides good bacteria cultures that further increase neurotransmitters in the brain and strengthen the immune and digestive system.

Nuts, Seeds, and Beans

Legumes including garbanzo beans, chickpeas, lima beans and lentils have about 70 milligrams of choline per cup, and one cup of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and almonds have about 60 milligrams of choline. Although these foods won’t sustain a diet, they are great supplements to meals and work as healthy snacks.

These foods are rich in choline, but it is important that you know just how much you should ingest daily. Daily requirements of choline for children are around 125 milligrams, while for adults it is around 550 milligrams per day. If you’re uncertain, be sure to reach out to your doctor for better guidance.

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