9 Foods You Must Now Say a ‘No’ to

9 Foods You Must Now Say a ‘No’ to

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Did you know that your skin needs 30 days to recover from the aftereffects of all your sinful indulgences? This crippling news is not just for people who drink occasionally, but you must be considerate of your non-alcoholic pleasures too. The food you eat heedlessly takes a toll on your skin and make it dull and robs off its glow. Everything from pizza to french fries, from chocolates to burgers- all food that you can’t do without are devastating for your skin and damaging it slowly and silently.
Renowned dermatologist, Rachel Nazarian, M.D., the Schweiger Dermatology Group has listed the top nine foods that must be avoided for their glycemic index level. In place of measuring the net amount of carbohydrates present in any food, the glycemic index counts the real effect of certain food on our blood sugar level. So here goes a list of top nine food that you should at least try to stay away from.

9. Spaghetti and meatballs:

This lovely combination is not as bad as you are thinking. The glycemic load is not as good as it must have been, but it’s no dairy or chocolate! You can have it from time to time because its low sodium content would not be very bad for the skin.

8. Fried Chicken:

Who doesn’t love fried chicken? From delicious home-made ones to the delicious lip-smacking chicken fried available in eateries, we all drool by the sight of this tasty grub. But it’s fried- and no other point is required to turn it down.

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7. Ramen:

This one is high in sodium content and it dehydrates the skin to a great extent. It makes your skin lose its glow and plumpness, but thank goodness it’s temporary and your skin will bounce back with its natural glow again within a month. But please allow it time to recover.

6. Foods You Must Now Say a ‘No’ to -French fries:

This one is everyone’s favourite, but you know it’s bad for wrinkles? Its high salt and sodium content is infamous for making your skin dull while its high carbohydrate content conspires to bring up the wrinkles on your skin.

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5. Chocolate blizzard shake:

With its high sugar content, it has a high glycemic index, plus it is a dairy product so that’s another bad point and to add up to its chocolate-flavoured than its as bad as ever because the chocolate will definitely get you some acne.

4. Cheeseburger:

This one is no better than pizza or macaroni. Its GI level would make your skin pale and dull and it would take weeks together to bounce back to its lovable state.

3. Mac and cheese:

A lot of dairies, a lot of carbohydrates and lots of sodium make this worst for your skin. It has a high GI and it causes acne and wrinkles and may also trigger stubborn breakouts.


2. Pizza:

With its very high glycemic index, it would raise your blood sugar levels and will trigger acne and breakouts. It may even cause advanced glycation, which would break down collagen production, making your skin lacklustre.

1. Burrito :

So you have been guessing who is the worst candidate? With its deadly combination of high glycemic index and dairy product impact, it is the worst thing you can do for your skin. It will make your hormone levels to rise higher altering the oil content of the skin and paving the way for acne breakouts. And its high sodium levels will invariably lead to dehydration and paling of skin.
There are loads of other food which are harmful to your skin, but you shall not be able to handle all of them altogether. So just try to stay away from these nine tempting foods and rejoice your lovely skin as of now.

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