9 Surprising Health Benefits of Dancing that will Leave you with your Mouth Open!

9 Surprising Health Benefits of Dancing that will Leave you with your Mouth Open!

27-11-2017   |   Posted By: Rajni Joshi   |   4074 View(s)

Do you love dancing? If you do, you’ve got some more reasons to keep dancing! Who does not like dancing? Even if you don’t, we bet you’ll fall in love with dancing after reading all the health benefits of dancing! Yes! It’s true, we are going to give you the reasons to dance, and they are going to leave you open-mouthed! Dancing doesn’t only make you happy, but it is tremendously beneficial in keeping us young! What are you waiting for then? Get up and dance! Still not convinced? Wait! Read all these health benefits of dancing first, and you’ll start dancing right away!

Numerous Health Benefits of Dancing!

1. Dancing can Help in Weight Loss

What? Can I dance to shed some kilos? The answer is, yes!! Why not? Dancing works just like cycling or jogging, improving your aerobic fitness and helping you to lose weight. The salsa dance  Zumba is beneficial in burning calories as it is intense. You’ll be surprised to know that you can burn about 250 calories in just 30 minutes! Isn’t it so amazing? What else would anyone need? You can lose weight while dancing! If you want to tackle obesity, start dancing! Now, you don’t need to take admission in any dance academy for that! You have got so many apps on your phone, and you can watch videos as you are not going to have an audition! Just make your mind, fix your dance session with your routine and that’s it!


2. Dancing can Boost Memory

Surprised? We told you, these health benefits are going to leave you with your mouth open! Honestly, did you ever think that dancing can boost memory? If you didn’t, congratulations, you can stand out from the crowd now! You can have a debate with your friends when they ask you to bunk your dance class next time! Dance does not only instil grace, but it also helps you age gracefully!

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that dancing can boost the memory and can also prevent people from developing dementia. OMG! Did you just say that? Yes, yes! We have not finished yet; there’s so much to add! Let’s give you more reasons to dance! Science reveals that aerobic exercise  can even reverse volume in the part of the brain that controls memory, i.e., hippocampus. Hippocampus shrinks during late adulthood which is natural during this stage, which often leads to impaired memory and dementia.

3. Dancing can Keep you Young

Do you want to look young forever? Just play your favourite song and dance! And it costs nothing! Dance affects the ageing process immensely! It is even good for your heart, cardiovascular system and it also increases the lung capacity. One more interesting fact is that the breathing rates and muscle exertion of dancers performing in one dance competition are equivalent to the swimmers, cyclists and even an Olympic-level 800-meter runner!

Dance can be an excellent activity for people at risk of heart diseases. Dancing improves the breathing complications and also keeps your heart in good health. Dancing can even improve the quality of life as it was proved by an Italian study to be better than biking or treadmill

4. Dancing can Reduce Depression

People who attend regular dance classes experience the minimum symptoms of depression as dancing is the most efficient way of beating stress and depression. Dancing will not only uplift your spirits, but it will also boost your mood. Swing dancing is just amazing at boosting your mood as it is done with a partner.

5. Dancing is Good for the Bones and Joints

Dance helps in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. During postmenopause, women can experience a significant drop in estrogen levels which can stop calcium from being absorbed into the bones. Dancing can help you here! Dancing can work well to help keep your joints lubricated to prevent arthritis.

6. Dancing can Keep you Energetic

Regular dancing programs can result in increased energy levels. It can affect the performance and energy levels of adults and teens too. So, if you want to have increased energy levels, never stop dancing!

7. Dancing can Help Improve your Balance

We all know dancing improves your balance and stability! Good posture and fast movements are some of the key requirements of dancing. Hence when you dance frequently, eventually your balance and stability are improved, resulting in a better body control.

8. Dancing can Help Improve Flexibility

Dancing can increase flexibility and can reduce stiffness. Haven’t you seen those dancers? Oh god! What flexibility they possess! You don’t need to learn some technical or very tough dance form to improve flexibility; you can practice some simple stretches at home for the same! And an increased flexibility can help ease joint pain and post-exercise soreness.

9. Dancing can help Improve Agility

A 2010 study found that dancers had a greater agility and stronger legs and could walk better than other people of the same age group who participated in other different exercises like golf, walking and swimming. The particular area of this study was Scottish country dance.

So, these are the amazingly surprising health benefits of dancing that you probably didn’t know. Dancing does not only help maintain good health, but it also makes you a bit more social and confident. Haven’t you seen how confident the dancers are? You can just download your favourite songs, create a playlist and fix your dance timings in your daily routine. If you enjoy dancing, these health benefits of dancing are enough to motivate you to continue with it. When are you planning to groove to the beat? What about today? Don’t wait, just lock your room, play your favourite song and keep dancing.

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