Acupressure for Eyes: 5 Acupressure Points to Improve Eyesight Now!

Acupressure for Eyes: 5 Acupressure Points to Improve Eyesight Now!

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Do you feel the strain in your eyes often? Have you started feeling that you need to visit an eye doctor to undergo some treatment or get your eyesight checked? Our eyes are the most important organs of the body. We due to our busy schedules often neglect our eyes and stop taking care of them. This leads to blurred vision, aching eyes, watery eyes and other serious eye problems. But to every problem, there is a solution. No, you do not have to do always visit a doctor. We are going to tell you about a simple therapy, Acupressure for Eyes, that can help you improve the condition of your eyes.

Keep reading to know more about the Acupressure technique that will make your eyes healthy.

What is Acupressure?

It is a therapy that has been in use since the ancient times to treat and cure various ailments. This was developed over 5000 years ago as an essential aspect of Asian medicine. This therapy involves using precise finger placement and pressure over specific or specific points along the body. These points follow particular channels which are known as meridians. Meridians are also used in acupuncture.

Acupressure has often been used to treat various eye problems like Myopia (short-sightedness), Hypermetropia (farsightedness), colour blindness, cataract, astigmatism, amblyopia, etc. The causes of eye muscle tension involve neck muscle tension. The immobility of these muscles causes such kind of conditions in the eyes. Try the following simple Acupressure points to improve the health of your eyes.

Acupressure around the world

Acupressure has gained an immense popularity all around the world. This is because nowadays people are looking forward to alternative and natural methods of treating issues related to their health.  For ex. A lot of people have shifted their preferences from chemical medicines to Ayurveda in treating any disease or disorder. In acupressure, people have found their alternative as well as a holistic approach to health. In a research conducted by a group of scientists, it was found that Auricular acupressure is an alternative and very effective remedy for treating glaucoma. Another study conducted in the U.S has seen that Acupressure can help veterans recover from Post Traumatic Disorder (PTSD).

Many people are choosing to practice acupressure as their career. One can become an acupressure practitioner by undergoing accredited courses after obtaining a licence.

Here are the best points for Acupressure for Eyes. Start practising them today if you want to say bye bye to eye problems. The catch here is, these will also help to treat other issues related to health as well.

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Acupressure for Eyes: 5 Points to Improve Eyesight

1. Massage Around the Eyes

For treating the eye ailments, you must know that several points around eyes can be massaged for various benefits.

A) Start with the inner edge of your eyes situated adjacent to the bridge of your nose.

B) Using the middle finger, gently and slowly massage in circular movements. Continue doing so for about three to four minutes. Other points are located near the temples of the eyes. Massage this as well.

2. Massaging Nose Bridge

The bridge of our nose also contains an Acupressure point. People often forget this point, and some who know about it does not have the exact knowledge.

Using both of your hands, massage either sides of the bridge of your nose. Ensure that you do not bend your fingers while massaging. This will help in reducing the redness and any kind of strain on the eyes.

3. Massage the T point

Place your ring finger in the centre between your eyebrows, also known as the T junction of the nose. Use both thumbs, massage with one and keep the other one to hold one side of the bridge of your nose. You need to look straight ahead while massaging. Just press this point for about 7-8 minutes or just rub it gently. This point completely relaxes the nervous system by improving the emotional stress and also helps in eye-sight. This is among the best points of Acupressure for Eyes.

4. Acupressure points around the Nostrils

Many of us do not know about acupressure points that are present around the nostrils. Yes, you read it right. Massaging these points can give a person instant relief from headaches and improve the vision.

For massaging this point, put both of your index fingers on either side of your nostrils and slowly massage. Whenever you massage this point make sure that you do not put too much pressure on the nostrils, do not push them so hard that you have to breathe through your mouth. Repeat this for five minutes daily to improve vision, get relief from headaches and nasal congestion and sinus pain.

5. Tips of the Thumbs

Sit down in a relaxed position and hold your right hand with left. With the help of your left thumb, try to rub the tip of your right. The tips of our thumbs are directly related to the neck muscles which help to nourish the eyes. This can prove to be an advantageous point in strengthening one’s eyesight. Do this to both the thumbs regularly for a more precise vision.

6. Tips of your Toes

The ancient Chinese history believed that our eyes and toe-tips have a connection. Massaging the toe tips can be beneficial for the eyes. To massage your toe tips, hold each of them both in between your index finger and thumb and massage one by one. Doing so will increase blood circulation throughout the body and makes the vision clear.

Bottom Line

The eyes are the most sensitive part found in the human body.  Therefore, proper care must be taken to protect them. One thing that must be kept in mind that excessive pressure is not applied on or near the eyes.

One needs to keep practising this treatment by making it their daily routine. Also, eat a healthy diet to keep your eyes healthy. Doing so will provide the best pain relief and results. Acupressure can be a great alternative for treating health issues. We hope you like this post, if you do, do tell us in the comments below. Stay fit, Stay Healthy.

It is important to visit an eye specialist once in a year to away from eye disease.

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