Benefits of Black Salt: It’s more than just a Spice!

Benefits of Black Salt: It’s more than just a Spice!

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Whether it is lemon water, pasta or salad; adding a pinch of black salt adds a delicious flavour to all the foods. And not just that, it adds a lot of nutrients to the food that improves our overall health. This spice is so full of essential nutrients and minerals that it is really important to have it on your kitchen shelf.

Let us get acquainted with the various benefits of Black Salt:

1.It treats stomach ailments

Using black salt as a churn is quite famous in India and is used as a homemade digestive pill. It is because it helps in treating constipation, stomach irritation and several other stomach ailments. Thus, make sure to add a pinch of black salt to your dishes to aid digestion.

Black Salt on Salad

2. It helps in weight loss

Black salt has a dissolving and disintegrating effect on enzymes and lipids which help in losing weight. So, if you are trying to shed a few pounds, then replace your regular salt with black salt as it is highly effective in aiding weight loss.

Weight Loss by Black Salt

3.It cures Heartburn

Black salt has alkaline properties which help in regulating the acid production in the stomach, thus preventing and treating heartburn. This salt is full of essential minerals which are used to cure acidity. Drinking a glass of lemon water with a pinch of black salt added to it can prevent acidity.

4. It strengthens our bones

One-fourth of the total salt in our body is stored in our bones. Not just calcium, but salt is also known to give strength to our bones. There is a health condition called Osteoporosis in which the body starts extracting sodium from our bones, making them weak and brittle. This condition can be prevented by adding black salt to our diet.

5.It treats Diabetes

Black Salt is super effective in controlling the levels of blood sugar in the body. Those who have diabetes must add black salt to their diet and say ‘bye’ to diabetes.

6.It controls cholesterol levels

Black salt helps in thinning of blood and make sure that blood is circulated properly throughout the body, thereby reducing high cholesterol and blood pressure. Consuming black salt on a regular basis can control the fluctuating cholesterol levels.

Benefits of Black Salt

7. It cures respiratory problems

If you have any respiratory problems like allergies, asthma or even a common cold, then put a little amount of black salt in your inhaler and take it in two times a day and you will surely see improvement.

8.It reduces Stress levels

One of the major benefits of black salt is that it helps in preserving two hormones; melatonin and serotonin which helps people feel good, relax and get unhindered sleep. Thus, add black salt to your daily diet and bid farewell to stress and depression.

9. It makes our skin glow

Black salt opens up clogged pores which prevent oil to get accumulated on the face and gives an instant glow to the face. Add a pinch of black salt to the cleanser or scrub and get a glowing, rejuvenated skin.

Face Serum

10.It prevents dandruff and hair fall

Black salt contains a lot of vital minerals which strengthens the root of the hair and promotes hair growth. It also helps in treating split ends and gives a shiny look to the hair.

Not just hair fall, black salt also helps in treating dandruff problems. If you are dealing with dandruff and severe hair fall problems, then take black salt with tomato juice at least once every day.

So, now you know the various benefits of black salt, thus make sure to add this super ingredient to your daily diet to keep away from various health problems.

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