The Biggest Health Mistakes People Make in Summers

The Biggest Health Mistakes People Make in Summers

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Description: Summer is the time when people wish to enjoy out in the sun, but it is not a very good season for our health. We are back with another article that talks about the biggest Health Mistakes People Make in Summers

Summer is the time people like to step out for vacations, take a swim in the pool, even take a sunbath and while doing so, taking care of one’s health is not among the priorities when you are having fun. While your preferences during vacation are enjoying and having fun, eating good food, sip on cold drinks and cocktails, what exactly you should not forget is your health. You should take extra precautions when you’re travelling or having fun. The most common causes why your health suffers during summers are temperature, direct sun and humidity.

Summer health hazards can take a toll on your health if you don’t take proper measures to prevent them. Some health-related health issues can cause short term, easily recoverable injuries others can lead to long term damage. We talk about 11 things that people do wrong in summers and how to avoid them.

11 Biggest Health Mistakes people make in summers

Here goes the list of 11 biggest health mistakes people make in the summer season. Read on!

1. Not drinking enough Water

One of the huge health mistakes people make in summers is not drinking enough water or drinking it only when you are thirsty. It is as easy as it sounds, “drink a lot of water”. But even then people do not get it and then get into trouble. When we feel the need to drink water, it is when our body is already lacking in water. When your body sends signals of thirst, that is when it has been already deprived of water. Let us tell you that dehydration is more dangerous and most people may realise it. It can cause various problems, the condition being mild, such as headaches to severe, like swelling of the brain.

Drinking Water

2. Going long periods without Eating

Not drinking water for long periods is a problem, but also many people want to lose weight for the summer. Some of them take it to an uttermost level and stop eating for an extended period. That is never a good idea because when you do not eat anything, you lack vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. Also, fasting in summer is not recommended because the blood sugar levels and blood pressure drops quicker than usual.

3. Indulging in Alcohol

Summers is the time when we like to party, and parties involve drinking alcohol. Alcohol and summers can be a dangerous mixture. Alcohol promotes dehydration and affects the body’s ability to regulate its overall temperature making the person feel warmer all the time. For those who regularly drink or can’t party without drinks must remember to drink two cups of water for every alcoholic beverage they take. Those who are old or suffer from some health conditions should drink less alcohol.


4. Eating foods that have been exposed to air for a Long Time

Foods that have been kept out in the air in summers can cause food poisoning. It is always better to store the food in the refrigerator to stop any bacterial action. Also, people often go out and eat, but how can you be sure that the food you are served on the table is not fresh and not affected? Food items that are at significant risk of getting affected by bacteria are milk, fish, cooked vegetables/ dals or mayonnaise. These foods get destroyed quicker when left outside.

5. Ignoring Heat Stroke Symptoms

One of the biggest Health Mistakes People Make in Summers is ignoring Heat strokes. Heat Strokes are common in summers, and just how common they are, they are very serious. They require immediate medical attention. In a heat stroke, the body overheats, reaches a core temperature of 104 F or higher and it becomes unable to cool itself down. Significant symptoms include lack of sweat, dizziness, cramps, nausea, headaches, confusion, rapid heartbeat and fainting etc. So we strongly recommend you not to ignore these symptoms and do something about it, probably visit your doctor.

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6. Not taking Bug Bites Seriously

Summer is the season when people are out and about a lot, and there is an increased risk of bug bites. They are nothing but a nuisance for some people. The affected area gets red and might also itch but nothing more. If you are allergic to wasps, bees or live in the area where ticks etc. are common, you must know how to cover up or else you could end up with an infection because of mosquito or bug bite.

7. Not Applying Sunscreen

Summer is the time when the sun is at peak. The most harm is caused to the skin as UV rays can harm it. Therefore, during summers, one must not forget to apply Sunscreen and step out of the home without it on the exposed areas of your body. Applying the Sunscreen once is not enough. It is important to remember to reapply it every two-three hours. If you took a dip in the pool or sweated, you should apply then as well.

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8. Eating excess of Charred Meat

Barbeque and summer is a wonderful combination, but this combination can come with health risks. Certain chemicals present in charred meat can cause DNA changes. It may increase the risk of cancer when fish, meat and poultry are cooked using very high temperatures, according to NCI (National Cancer Institute). These chemicals are heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Their formation depends on various factors such as how well you cook the meat. A slice of well-done grilled meat has a high concentration of HCAs.

9. Exercising when it is Hot Outside

This is again one of the most common Health Mistakes People Make in Summers.Summer is the right time to lose weight because we believe that it is when we lose it easily. Sweating means burning fat for some of us, and as a result, we go out in the hot weather to run. It is the worst thing what you can do. Sweating is the body’s natural mechanism to cool down; the water evaporates to lower the body’s temperature, but this can lead to dehydration. If you want to exercise, you should only do it in the morning or when it is dark outside. Also, cut down your running time into half to avoid the chances of developing a heat stroke.


10. Wearing Flip Flops all the time

Women have a habit of wearing flip flops and men also now have started wearing them. Flips flops are not a good option to wear in summer because they offer no support and might lead to knee, foot and back pain. This kind of footwear is known for causing or aggravating plantar fasciitis and tendinitis, two one of the most inflammatory and painful food issues.

11. Keeping Ears wet after Swimming

Who does not want to take a dip in cold water in summers? Swimming is a pleasant activity favoured by all, especially on a hot summer day. But it might not end well sometimes, too. People get swimmer’s ear or otitis externa. This is a condition when water gets trapped in the ear canal by wax. There are a lot of patients who get swimmer’s ears in summer. Oil-based over the counter eardrops that come with vinegar and alcohol can help dry the ears. Surfers use these drops a lot, and they have been proved beneficial too.

This was about 11 Biggest Health Mistakes people make in summer. We hope you like this article. We will be back with another soon, until then, Stay Healthy, Stay Happy and do not forget to get yourself a Health Checkup at least once in a  Year.

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