Facts About Narcolepsy and Methylphenidate

Facts About Narcolepsy and Methylphenidate

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Are you always sleepy? Do you have sudden uncontrollable sleep attacks even in the middle of the day? You may think that it is normal or maybe because you are just tired, but it is already a sleeping disorder that what we call Narcolepsy. Most of us do not know this kind of disorder because it is normal for us to feel tired or sleepy even during daylight.

However, the study shows that there are a lot of people who are experiencing this kind of disorder. Let us discuss more facts about Narcolepsy and what treatments you can do to fight it.


What is Narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy is a neurological problem that targets the control of sleep and wakefulness. A person who has narcolepsy will likely fall asleep during the daytime, and worst it is uncontrollable. It is very dangerous for a person who is diagnosed with narcolepsy to drive, swim, using machinery because despite these heavy workloads they can still fall asleep without noticing it.

The regular cycle of our sleep is we only feel sleepy after the early stage of sleep followed by deep sleep and after 90 minutes of the rapid eye movement that would be the only time that we will feel so sleepy and that REM will last up to an hour. But for people who have narcolepsy they no longer go through in the sleeping cycle, they will immediately feel sleep even before the sleeping cycle.

What causes Narcolepsy?

As of now, the cause of narcolepsy is still unknown. However, studies show that narcolepsy occurs because of a substance in the brain that affects some parts of it that producing hypocretin. The production of hypocretin is essential to keep you awake and arouse you; without it, you will continue to feel sleepy even after sleeping for long hours.

Other causes of narcolepsy is a low immune system problem; others believe that it is genetical and can be inherited. Also, hormonal changes and psychological stress can be the cause of narcolepsy. However, there is still no official cause found for narcolepsy.

What are the symptoms of Narcolepsy?

It is essential to know what are the symptoms of Narcolepsy because it will help you to understand what you can do next to fight against Narcolepsy and you can also avoid danger by knowing if you are diagnosed by narcolepsy or not. The main symptoms are excessive sleepiness during the daytime, even though you sleep enough hours at night you are still going to feel sleepy.

Cataplexy is also one of the symptoms; it is when you think the loss of muscle tone that feels you weak and tired and leads you to feel so sleepy and other symptoms are a hallucination and sleep paralysis. During this period, you can still speak or move even you are sleeping.

Narcolepsy and Methylphenidate

If you already see these symptoms to yourself, you must talk to a doctor. They will conduct physical exams and will ask you about your medical history. There is no cure for narcolepsy; however, if you are diagnosed with Narcolepsy, do not be afraid because there are still treatments and medications you can use to control it.

The doctor may give you prescriptions for stimulants like amphetamine, Methylphenidate and antidepressant drugs. Most people are using methylphenidate discount coupon to save. These medications will help you fall asleep at night deeply for you to lessen the sleepiness during day time. You can also avoid food that has a high dosage of caffeine and alcohol because it can also trigger you to stay awake. It is better to talk about it with your doctor to know what are the best stimulants that work for you.


We should be aware of this disorder because there are symptoms that we are already experiencing but was taken for granted due to lack of knowledge about these cases. If you are starting to feel unusual in your body, then talk to a doctor right away. To avoid worst scenarios to happen or if you are not comfortable to discuss it with a professional you can read some articles about it first, but it is suggested that you should not be afraid to talk about it with professionals because they know the treatments you can do before it becomes worst. Narcolepsy will cause danger to you if you cant manage its symptoms so learn more about with your doctor now.

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