Fenugreek for Diabetes and its Many Health Benefits

Fenugreek for Diabetes and its Many Health Benefits

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Fenugreek is an aromatic plant which has many uses in the Indian kitchen. Its bitter tasting seeds form a key ingredient in curries and other recipes in India. The leaves are commonly known as “methi” in Hindi and sold as a vegetable or as a herb while the seeds serve the purpose of spices. If you have heard of fenugreek being a good source of controlling your blood sugar levels before, then you have heard it right. Read on to find out about the Health Benefits of Fenugreek for Diabetes and the many other reasons why you should be having Methi in your Food.

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Fenugreek for Diabetes

How does it affect Diabetes?

Fenugreek seeds are rich in soluble fibre. This fibre helps in lowering down the blood sugar by slowing down the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. This suggests that fenugreek can prove to be efficient in treating people with Diabetes.

Research shows that fenugreek is a useful ingredient for specific health conditions and a lot of studies focus on its ability to control blood sugar in people with diabetes. One such study says that daily consumption of 10 grams or two teaspoons of fenugreek seeds soaked in hot water may help control diabetes mellitus. Another research suggests that having foods with fenugreek may help reduce insulin resistance in diabetic patients.

To quote another study, it showed that taking high doses of fenugreek every day for several weeks caused noticeable changes in plasma glucose levels. But the thing that long term plasma glucose levels were not measured in this study makes it difficult for National Institute of Health that at this point the evidence is weak for fenugreek’s ability to lower blood sugar.

Health Benefits of Fenugreek

Fenugreek not only can reduce the blood sugar levels in our body but it has a lot of other benefits too

1.Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Fenugreek is known to help reduce the Levels of LDL Which is popularly known as Bad Cholesterol. Lowering of LDL Levels can help in the prevention of various conditions like Strokes, Heart Attack and Atherosclerosis. Since Fenugreek is a rich source of fibre, it scrapes excess cholesterol off of the arteries and blood vessels of the body. The reduction in cholesterol content in the bloodstream reduces the risk of formation of Blood Clots.

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2.Helps to Fight Constipation

The high fibre content in Fenugreek helps to add bulk to the stool thereby helping those suffering from constipation, Diarrhea and is a great source for relieving minor indigestion problems.

3.Rich Source of Minerals, Vitamins and Anit-Oxidants.

Fenugreek is a good source of minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants that help protect the cells from any damage caused by free radicals.

Fenugreek for Diabetes and its Many Health Benefits INFO

4.Helps to stimulate the production of Breast milk during Pregnancy

Fenugreek is used by nursing mothers to stimulate the production of breast milk during pregnancy and following childbirth.

5.Treatment of Cold and Sore Throat

It is also used effectively for treating cold and sore throat.

6.Reduces Menstrual Discomfort

Fenugreek helps to ease the process of menstruation and relieves the associated symptoms. It is an emmenagogue, which means that it can open up obstructed menses and give relief from menstrual disorders.

Lose Weight

7.Lose Weight

Looking to lose weight? Then Fenugreek could help. It is believed that Fenugreek helps to suppress appetite thereby reducing hunger prangs and as such a person is less prone to eating more which can help greatly in losing weight.

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8.Improves Kinney Health

Research suggests that Fenugreek can help reduce the amount of calcification of Kidneys and also reduces the risk of Developing Kidney Stones but the research work is yet to be validated.

9.Reduces Cardiovascular Risks

Fenugreek seeds contain 25 per cent galactomannan which is a type of natural soluble fibre that helps prevent heart diseases.

10.Minimizes Symptoms of Menopause

Fenugreek contains diosgenin and estrogenic isoflavones. These Chemicals are similar to the female sex hormone, estrogen. Loss of estrogen can lead to menopausal symptoms. So, eating Fenugreek helps to reduce the menopausal symptoms like mood swings, cramps, and abnormal hunger pangs and even depression.

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11.Prevents Colon Cancer

Fenugreek possesses anti-carcinogenic properties. The steroid diosgenin present in the herb has been specifically linked to the prevention of colon cancer.

12.Soothes Irritation

Fenugreek contains a gumming substance called mucilage which when mixed with water expands and becomes a gelatinous salve that helps in providing relief from irritation.

Apart from Fenugreek for Diabetes and its other benefits-Researchers believe that fenugreek seeds are also beneficial for treating arthritis, bronchitis, abscesses, hair loss, skin problems, heartburn, male impotence, and other such issues.

Potential risks of consuming Fenugreek

Consuming fenugreek seeds can have effects on the sciatic nerve and peripheral neuropathy. This can make you lose sensation in nerves and also can make them weak.

Fenugreek can make you smell like maple syrup- some people have reported that after extended use of fenugreek they started to observe a maple syrup like the smell from their armpits. This is because of the chemicals such as dimethyl pyrazine that cause this smell but this smell should not be confused with Maple syrup urine disease.

Fenugreek can also cause certain allergic reactions in some people. You should always consult your doctor before consuming any food that contains fenugreek because the fibre in fenugreek is responsible for making your body absorb the medications taken by mouth less. It is therefore advised not to take consume fenugreek about 4-5 hours before or after taking your prescription drugs.

This was all about the health benefits of Fenugreek for Diabetes. We hope you like this article. Stay Happy, Stay Healthy.

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