First Aid Course for Staff: A Must-Have for Industries

First Aid Course for Staff: A Must-Have for Industries

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Health and safety are among the basic rights of employees and authorities highly encourage employers to uphold these rights. Yes, setting up preventive security measures in the office and engagement venue is the first step. Including healthcare services and insurance in the employees’ compensation plan is another effective way to advocate for their well being at work. Most importantly, equip them with first aid skills and raise their awareness to protect them.

In this post, you’ll discover the impact of first aid skills on your staff’s wellbeing, regardless of the industry you’re in.

Emergencies That Can Be Prevented With Apt First Aid Response

A report from The Guardian points out that around 140,000 people die annually due to health emergencies that could otherwise be prevented with first aid. This number is higher than the mortality rate due to cancer. Specifically, the following are the common health emergencies first aid can prevent:

2.Scalds and burns
3.Heart attack
8.Electric shock
9.Strains, fractures, and sprains

Effective emergency response to these issues means the difference between life and death. First aid can prevent the issue from getting worse. It can also shorten the patient’s recovery period. This is the reason it’s essential to equip the workforce with first aid skills.

First Aid Training

Use of First Aid in Different Industries

Companies fare well if their workforce is equipped with emergency response skills.

Hotel, Hospitality, and Restaurant Industry – At a hotel, restaurant, or engagement venue, trained staff can help create a sense of safety for the customers.

Music and Entertainment Business – During concerts and parties, first aiders need to be on standby for any health emergencies of the participants.

Manufacturing Sector – In production plants and facilities, slip, trip, and fall injuries are common. If the manufacturing area isn’t well-ventilated and illuminated, heart-related risks, burns, and scalds can also happen. And all these need to be addressed immediately by first aiders.

Infrastructure and Construction Industry – As employees usually spend a lot of time outdoors, heatstroke, stroke, and heart attack cases are common in construction sites. This is why emergency response team should always be present on site.

Consumer Goods and Retail Industry – Stores and malls are areas with high foot traffic. Hence, it’s a must to have a first aid team to cater to the emergencies of patients of different ages and genders.

Fuel and Energy Sector – Suffocation, poisoning, heatstroke, burns, slips, and falls are common risks in the fuel and energy sector. And a skilful first aider can greatly help patients recover from these emergencies.

First Aid

Benefits of First Aid Courses

A first aid course for your team might mean additional expense on your end. But in the long run, this will create a profound impact on your team and the company. Experts highlight the following as the top perks of having employees with emergency response skills:

Cultivate a positive and safe Work Environment.
As you boost your team’s morale through safety measures, you’re also helping them increase their productivity. Their output quality will significantly improve. And they’ll most likely stay longer in the

Minimise, if not avoid, work-related injuries.

Effective first aid execution can shorten the patients’ recovery and healing time if they do get hospitalised. Ultimately, this will boost your company’s credibility, especially in relation to government guidelines on workplace security.

Save lives and prevent files of remuneration due to lives lost at work.

Nothing else is more important than seeing your employees recover from their health conditions.Maximise first aid kit supplies. Skilful first aiders don’t waste supplies.

Help your employees improve their CV

A first aid course is a CV-worthy skill. With this, they’ll have the extra edge in their career.

Regardless of industry, first aid skills can greatly help people uphold health and safety, be it for themselves, their friends, and loved ones. In the workplace or in any engagement venue, emergency response will come in handy to prevent hospitalisation, contain health emergencies, and save lives. Ultimately, this skill can help business owners create a good working condition and protect the wellbeing of their team.

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