Health Benefits  of Cloves and  its Oil

Health Benefits of Cloves and its Oil

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Clove-The Ayurvedic Spice

India has an abundance of a diverse array of spices and herbs. These excellent herbs and spices not only improve the vigour and flavour of multiple delicacies but also play key roles in the particular areas of traditional medicines. It is needless to say that a clove is quite a common form of Indian spice which is also largely mentioned in the Ayurvedic medicines just because of its therapeutic benefits and various nutritional values.

Cloves and Cooking

Cloves have an important role to play when it comes to the art of cooking. Cloves are used either in raw or dust i.e. ground form. The popularity of clove is found not only in the Indian subcontinent but also all across the globe. This particular spice has a unique numbing effect on the epithelial tissues which are present in our mouth. In Ayurvedic medicines, clove has been proved to keep a check on the body heat. Hence, it is sometimes added to tea along with small pieces of ginger during the winter season.

Common Traits of Clove:

Eugenol is the most significant component present in clove. It is highly effective in reducing the high risks caused by toxins from various common environmental pollutants which include carbon tetrachloride, digestive tract cancers, or even joint inflammations.


Other Health Benefits Provided by Clove include the Following:

Cloves are an outstanding source of manganese, dietary fibre, and vitamins like K and C. It is also a very high-quality source of essential factor omega-3. It is also considered an excellent source of calcium and magnesium. Many persons do not even know that this specific spice is highly rich in natural anthelmintic which bears the unique power of removing harmful parasitic worms from the body.

The oil made from clove is fantastic in causing stimulation and making the human body warm. The essential oil made from clove is used in aromatherapy. This oil helps in resolving digestion issues. Gargling with clove oil can also help cure sore throats, and the problem of bad breath can also be avoided by gargles. Cloves are rich in antiseptic properties. Thus, clove oil is used for curing bodily wounds, bruises, scabies, deep cuts, etc.

Ashwagandha for immunity and Stamina

Clove oil does wonder in treating fungal infections. It works as a soother to an athlete’s hurt and tired foot and a person suffering from the itchiness of prickly heat during summer. But before applying clove oil remember that it is very strong in nature, and one should always use only diluted form. Moreover, if you possess sensitive skin, you may take advice from the doctor before applying it. Clove oil is widely used to cure acne, and it’s found in several acne products to deliver positive results in treating pimples.

Clove oil does stimulate sleep, and it is highly beneficial for people suffering from insomnia. Due to its cooling and the excessive anti-inflammatory effect this oil clears the nasal passage, and it is useful in various respiratory disorders which include coughs, colds, bronchitis, tuberculosis, sinusitis, asthma, etc. Its anti-inflammatory properties are useful in curing earaches.

Clove oil is often found to be used in body lotions or other cosmetic items.To relieve pain or stresses, one can use clove oil for massaging. Thus, if you have any doubt whether spices are good enough for your health or not, you may reconsider the facts mentioned above.

There are various spices or herbs which can certainly improve your health significantly if taken in the right proportions consistently!

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