Health Benefits of Peppermint

Health Benefits of Peppermint

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Peppermint leaves are multi-seasonal and are available all the year-round. They are most effective in warm weather where they generate a cool flavour to a beverage or summery salad. The peppermint oil capsules are said to be “the drug of the first choice”, and it is very effective when it comes to alleviating symptoms and to improve the overall quality of life. Research has proved the benefits of peppermint as it is equally effective for both adults and children. One study has shown that there can be a reduction of up to 50% in “total irritable bowel syndrome score” among 80 per cent of the patients

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Health Benefits of Peppermint:

Peppermint has many health benefits. They are helpful when it comes to mood enhancement and other physiological aspects. Here are some of the health benefits of peppermint

Healthy Gut

• Very effective for the Digestive system:

Peppermint oil is very effective when it comes to relieving stomach problem and issues related to digestion. Here are some of the stomach and digestion-related issues which peppermint is effective at
-Irritable Bowel Syndrome
-Colonic Muscle Spasms.

These incredible healing properties are related to their ability to relax the muscles. Once the muscles which surround the intestine, gets relaxed, the chances of indigestion and spasm get reduced. The property of the peppermint leaves which is said to be responsible for having such a soothing effect on the stomach is menthol.

 It is an Anti-Cancer agent:

Peppermint contains an element called Perillyl alcohol, which is a phytonutrient. It has been proved that this phytonutrient plays a very helpful role in preventing the growth of various tumours like a mammary tumour, liver tumour, and pancreatic tumour. It is said to be very effective for preventing the formation of cancer on the skin, colon and lungs. These studies have been conducted on the animals and are yet to be tried on human beings.

• Antimicrobial Oil:

The essential oil present in peppermint helps to prevent the growth of different bacteria, such as Salmonella enteritidis, Helicobacter pylori, Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli O157: H7. Peppermint has also proved to be very effective for preventing the growth of different kinds of fungus in the human body as well.

• Easy Breathing:

Rosmarinic acid is an ingredient found in peppermint. This special component is helpful when it comes to fighting asthma. Apart from this, Rosmarinic acid has proved to be very effective in preventing the generation of pro-inflammatory chemicals; leukotriene is an example. It also helps in generating a substance called prostacyclins which help to keep the airway free and helps in easy breathing. Peppermint extracts have also proved to be very helpful when it comes to relieving allergic rhinitis and nasal symptoms.

The use of peppermint has been suggested in many ancient medical books.As discussed, there are many Benefits of Peppermint as it helps to release abdominal discomfort, prevents the growth of tumours in certain areas of the human body, prevents cancer and helps to fight against asthma and does a lot more. Therefore, one should take it on a regular basis to stay healthy and fit.

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