Hidden Germs in the House

Hidden Germs in the House

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No matter how clean the house may look outwardly but the chances are that there could still be some amount of hidden germs in the house which could prove detrimental to our health and can easily make a person feel sick and unhealthy. It is therefore extremely important to know about these germs and how to fight them to keep diseases at bay. Some of the dangerous germs present in the house can be listed below:

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• Shoes:

People tend to walk into the house and go straight to the rooms without changing the shoes. Unknowingly, they carry germs in their shoes to different parts of the house. It is, therefore, important to make it a practice to take our shoes off upon entering the house at the entrance and that place should be properly sanitised to offset the effect of germs.

These are some of the places where germs may breed. These places should be kept clean so that the family members in the house can remain fit and healthy! In the event of someone falling sick in the family, make it a point to consult a physician at the earliest to avoid illness.


 •Tap Water:

Tap water too can carry germs and bacteria. Portable water also contains some amount of germs in it. They should not be consumed without boiling to eliminate the threat completely, or it would be wiser to drink water from water purifiers only as contaminated water can be a great source of discomfort and diseases in the family.

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• The sponge used in the Kitchens:

The sponge used in Kitchens is the most dangerous place in the house where germs can breed easily. This is because the sponge is very moist and they are used to clean kitchen areas which are full of dirt and gives all the more chances for germs to breed. The kitchen sponge should be kept separately and in a clean state and the sponge can be changed at regular intervals or a new sponge should be used.

• Use of Computer Keyboard:

Most people don’t consider a computer keyboard as a place where germs breed. But, keyboards also contain germs as people touch it all the time and the hand contains a lot of many germs. People eat food, after using the keyboard a lot of times without a hand wash not knowing that they are very likely to fall prey to the germs. It, therefore, becomes all the more necessary to disinfect the keyboards with proper solutions so that they remain neat and clean and most importantly germfree.


• The Spice rack in the Kitchen:

The spice rack kept in the kitchen is also one place where germs can breed. The reason behind this is that the spice rack is touched with bare hands and that too after touching some food item.

• The remote of Television:

The television remote is also one place where germs can breed. This is because the remote passes through or is used by some people with bare hands and the poor, remote stands very little chance of getting cleaned, thus becoming a hotbed for germs. The remote should always be wiped with a disinfectant or Solution to stay protected at all times.


• Scarfs:

The scarfs used by girls can carry different kinds of germs. This is because it can fall on the ground and yet not get washed a lot of times even after that, unlike the clothes. This makes it necessary to take care of our scarfs as much as possible.

 • Germs in the Bathroom Towel:

The bathroom towel is the perfect place for germs to breed and enter. A person uses towels on a daily basis. When the skin is rubbed with the help of a bathroom towel, then millions of dead skins are left on the towels. Bacteria feed on these skin cells and in this way they grow in the towels. After wash, the towels are normally kept in a damp place, and this leads to more breeding of germs. Towels should be kept clean and washed from time to time and made to dry after use preferably in sunlight.


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