Is your Calories Intake Right for your Body ?

Is your Calories Intake Right for your Body ?

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Calories are a measure of energy content that foods hold in it. Our body can break down food molecules and uses the stored energy for different functions like movement, growth and thought. It also plays an essential role in weight loss, because eating more calories than our body requires can lead to weight gain.

Weight loss has become a common thing in every individual’s life in this modern-day society. Taking the sufficient amount of nutrients and proteins which help us in muscle building, fitness, good health and losing weight needs discipline and planning. One of the most important concepts about losing weight is to have a proper diet plan.A dietary food plan is the best way to check which meals to be eaten and when. Especially, counting the calories of the food intake is the key to losing weight.

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It is widely known that to lose weight you should burn more calories than the intake; this means increased exercise levels for your body with reduced calorie intake.


Metabolism is a process by which our body converts calories from food into energy. Our body needs energy because even when we are resting, our body functions continuously. Eating helps our body to get enough amount of energy to work and develop. The metabolism, how many calories we need each day depends on our age, gender, and physical activities. One can estimate the daily calorie intake by using a daily food plan.

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What is a healthy amount of weight to lose?

On average, an individual should shed 0.5-1.25 Kg’s a week and 1.5 kg’s maximum. Losing 1 Kg per week will lead to losing 10 Kg’s in just 10 weeks, and 10Kg’s makes a considerable difference.

How many calories should one be eating each day?

Studies say that a woman should have a caloric intake of approximately 1500 to 2000 calories per day while a man requires more than 3,000. If you take 1000 calories or less than the recommendation will results in the slowing of metabolism.

Taking high protein, low-fat, low-carbohydrate diets with an hour of exercise is pretty good for our body. No one can reach their aim of losing weight only with the diet, but when a dose of exercises supplements your diet- You will see the results.

Do you know that 1Kg of fat is equal to 7,717 calories? If you want to lose around 7 kg’s, then you need to burn close to 54,000 calories. By taking low calorie, low fat, low carbohydrate diet with exercise, this is entirely possible for you in 6-8 weeks.

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Losing weight- Emphasis on counting calories!

If you are serious about losing weight, consult a Dietician or before starting any diet plan find out how many calories you need to consume each day. Build a 4-5 meal a day plan that is approximately 500-700 calorie less than the current diet on a daily basis. With regular exercise, it is an excellent way to lose weight and an excellent step to lead a healthy life.

Control your weight

Keep an eye on what you are eating and drinking. Know how much calorie each food contains. This will help you to avoid the intake of food items with high calories. When we take in more calorie than our body burns, our body stores the excess calorie you take in.

A good diet plan and exercise will not only be helpful for your weight loss but also for a healthy life.

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