Know the Benefits of Miswak to Blow away Dental Issues

Know the Benefits of Miswak to Blow away Dental Issues

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Miswak is among those conventional, traditional and natural alternative to the modern toothbrushes we use. It has been in use for 7000 years for medicinal purposes as well as mouth cleaning. Miswak prevents the formation of dental plaque and as such can be used as an alternative of the hbrush for teeth cleaning. It is in the form of sticks. They are efficient, inexpensive, available, commonly available twig that has numerous medicinal properties. ead on to know more about the Benefits of Miswak.

History of Miswak

Miswak has been keeping the dentist away since 5000 BC, but little do people know about what it is. Well, Miswak is a twig that helps in cleaning the teeth and has been in use for the same purpose for over 7000 years. iswak has antibacterial properties that have saved many people from instances of tooth decay from mild to worst of them. Egyptians and Babylonians used Miswak. You get it now? Yes, it is older than the Great Queen Cleopatra.
Let’s talk about it now. though chew sticks can be made from commonly occurring plants, such as olive trees but most generally associated with the Salvadora persica tree, very widely known as “Arak”, in the Arabic language.

Studies about Miswak

In various studies done by the World Health Organisation (WHO), and other independent health organisations it was found that if Miswak is used on a regular basis, one can have stronger and healthier teeth with much lesser dental problems than those who used chemicals toothpaste and powders.
Researchers show that regular use of Miswak has a therapeutic effect on gingival disease, and acts against various gum disease-causing organisations such as Porphyromonas gingivalis, Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans etc.

Ingredients of Miswak

We have been talking about the Benefits of Miswak but what is in it that makes it all so compelling? The answer to this lies in its active ingredients. While most oral disinfectants such as toothpaste, tooth powder, and mouthwashes around two or three parts like silica, Miswak has around 18 elements that actively promote stronger teeth, while also maintaining oral health.
• Alkaloids- Salvadorine, Trimethylamine- have an antibacterial effect.
• Vitamin C
• Sulphur
• Calcium, Chlorides, Fluorides- important for dental care.
• Essential Oils- impart a mild taste and fragrance, stimulate the production of saliva and help relieve flatulence.
• Resins- they form a protective layer over the enamel to prevent the formations of dental caries.
• Tannins- it functions as a natural astringent, stimulate premolar saliva production.
• It consists of saponins, flavonoids and sterols in small amounts.

Benefits of Miswak

We have been discussing the Benefits of Miswak in this post for a long while now.Let  us discuss the Benefits of Miswak. Miswak scores over a toothbrush and you can ask How? Without further ado, let us get started and explain the 6 Benefits of having Miswak as a toothbrush as part of your everyday routine.


1. It fights Tooth Decay and Cavities

One of the most significant blessings for the modern aged people is the availability of food to almost all. Tangy, bitter, sweet, sour, fresh, farm, processed, anything you just name it and our supermarket have it all. Eventually, an increase in the availability of food, especially sugar-rich foods, leads to a lot of people facing tooth decay.
Tooth decay happens when the enamel is destroyed. But how does it get destroyed even after using the best toothpaste, best toothbrush and best brushing techniques? Because of hundreds of bacteria, some good and some bad that our mouths harbour. These bacteria use starch and sugar present in food to produce acid that wears off the enamel, thereby leading to the cavity.Miswak helps in naturally fighting tooth decay and strengthening teeth enamel. This also promotes tooth whitening as well.

2. Helps in removing Malodor

Bad breath is an indicator of dental issues. It is a clear warning that your mouth is not in the condition it should be. Lack of production of saliva can lead to malodor too.
Miswak can enhance the saliva production in the mouth, and this is a useful remedy for bad breath. Additionally, since Miswak is a naturally occurring substance, using the twig releases specific compounds that create a mild fragrance that is unique to Miswak.

3. Protects and Strengthens the Gums

If you are worried about your oral health, look at your gums. If anything is harming your teeth, it will affect your gums too. We are talking about the buildup of plaque that can affect the gums just as it affects your teeth. It can cause Gingivitis, periodontitis and advanced periodontitis. The swelling and inflammation of the gums are known as gingivitis, and it needs immediate attention and treatment. Untreated gingivitis and tartar buildup in the teeth can cause gums to recede, dentures to change and loss of teeth. It is a painful, irreversible condition known as advanced periodontitis. Sounds terrible right? Miswak is a rescue here too. It helps in preventing the formation of plaque which significantly reduces the risk of gingivitis as well as periodontitis. This makes the gums to stay healthy for a long time.

4. Great Aftertaste

A Key Benefit of Miswak has been its wonderfully refreshing aftertaste and fragrance. It is packed with a load of naturally occurring volatile aromatic compounds. Using Miswak promotes a feeling of cleanliness and pleasant breath as good as any available mouthwash in the market.

5. It is Affordable and Effective

Miswak is affordable and effective, and we know that. No matter you choose to use the toothbrush twig of Miswak, or you buy toothpaste that consists of formulations of Miswak (Salvadora persica), the cost of using Miswak is still less, and when it comes with so many benefits, it becomes affordable and effective. It acts a toothbrush and mouthwash, two in one.


6. It fights Harmful Bacteria and Germs

The human mouth is home to about seven hundred different strains of bacteria, which are not that harmful. Some of them are present in the mouth to break down the food; some bacteria are bad that actively destroy the teeth and gums. Dental cavities, gum diseases, tartar and periodontitis all are related to the bacteria in our mouth. Miswak helps in actively fighting the bacterial growth in the mouth as well as help in keeping the gums strong and healthy for long. People tend to suffer from less oral problems after they started using Miswak for teeth, according to a study conducted by the World Health Organisation.

So these were some of the Benefits of Miswak. We hope you like this post. If you do please, share and comment down below your favourite out of these all. Should you face any issue with Dental Health-Try these natural ways to get rid of the issue but if the issues persist do not shy away from visiting a Dentist. Stay Happy, Stay Healthy.

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