Love Thy Nature! Know the Benefits of Walking Barefoot on Grass!

Love Thy Nature! Know the Benefits of Walking Barefoot on Grass!

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When I look at my grandparents, I sometimes wonder how they are still so energetic and healthy. I, on the other hand, get muscle cramps just by climbing stairs at such a young age. I ask myself why is today’s generation getting afflicted by so many diseases? Friends, if you introspect, you will get the answer yourself! We have lost touch with our ‘Mother Nature.’ which has affected our health negatively. Do you know you can keep many diseases at bay just by walking barefoot on the grass? You do, of course! You must have heard it at least once from your elders, but how many of us implement what our elders tell us? Hardly anyone!

We are in such a rush to get the highest paying job, become famous and live a successful life, that we have started taking our health for granted. Ok, let me ask you this, ‘How many of you wake up early every morning, exercise and then eat a healthy breakfast?’ I doubt I will get any nodding heads to this question. And, I won’t blame you as I have also become a victim of this rat race of finding my identity in this world.

But, you know very well that taking care of health is of utmost importance, yet this is the thing most of you neglect. I understand we all have a busy schedule and it is difficult to take out time for ourselves. Now, I am not asking you to make any significant lifestyle changes that can make your daily schedule go upside down. But, just this simple tip can save you from many health concerns, and that is ‘Walking Barefoot on Grass Early Morning.’

Here are Top Reasons Why you should Walk Barefoot on Grass

1.It helps in Improving Eyesight

What the beauty of success will be when we are not able to see it with our own eyes! Your eyes are precious; it makes you feel and see everything that surrounds you which makes you happier. Today, the desk jobs have made a lot of people suffer from poor eyesight.

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Now, this problem can be solved and even prevented by walking barefoot on grass every morning. Our feet tend to have certain reflexology zones that are related to various organs of our body, including the eyes. When we walk on the grass without our slippers on, we put a lot of pressure on our first, second and third toes, which are main pressure points for the eyes. When these points are stimulated, it eventually improves eyesight. Also, the green colour of the grass gives a soothing sensation to the eyes and makes us feel calm and relaxed.

2.It Keeps Your Feet Healthy

Do you wake up early to hit the gym? If you do, then you can get up 15 minutes before and reap the benefits of walking on grass without the slippers on. So, take off your jogging shoes and get the feel of dewy grass and you will immediately feel a soothing sensation in your legs, calves and even the tendons.

Walking barefoot on grass helps in strengthening and stretching the muscles, tendons and ligaments in your feet, ankles and calves. And as a result of this, we can get rid of the knee strain and even back problems. This is also helpful for those who have flat feet as it helps improve flexor strength.

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3. It makes you Bid Farewell to Stress

The reason for stress might be anything; it can be due to something your boss said to you, or that you ended a relationship! Yes, the reason behind taking stress can vary, but the result is the same, and that is it makes us feel sad and gloomy all day.

But, what if I tell you that just by going for a walk, you can relieve stress? Surprising, isn’t it? Yes, it is indeed!  Various studies have shown that if you walk barefoot on grass, you can calm your mind and beat stress.

When you are out in the park, and walking in the morning sunshine, feeling the cold breeze touching your face; the Mother Nature actually talks to you, and this ambience soothes your body and makes you feel calm.

Also, the fresh oxygen we get in the morning along with vitamin D relax our entire mind and body and helps in combating stress.

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So, you had a sleepless night because you were constantly worrying about something? Don’t worry, just go to a park and walk on the green grass and say goodbye to stress and all the negative thoughts that are haunting you.

4. You get Vitamin D

Do you want healthy bones and teeth? Well, then you must plenty of vitamin D daily. And what is the best source of vitamin D? It is nothing else, but the sunshine. We stay so much inside our house and then office; that we have become more like vampires and get scared when exposed to direct sunlight.

Now, I understand that UV rays are harmful to our health and getting too much sunshine can cause health problems too! Even we know that waking up early and walking out in the sun is healthy for us. But what we do? I am not talking about everybody, but most of us just wake up, brush our teeth, bathe, get ready and rush towards the office.

We don’t even realise that we are missing out on vitamin D that we can easily get by walking barefoot on grass every day early morning. Vitamin D keeps our bones healthy and also prevents bone-and-joint related diseases.


Low levels of vitamin D in your body can put anyone at a greater risk of developing hypertension, type 1 diabetes, cancers, Alzheimer’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis. So, if you want to keep yourself protected from these diseases, it’s best that you walk barefoot on grass early morning on a daily basis to get your dose of vitamin D.

5. It connects you to the Earth

Another benefit that we get by walking barefoot on grass is that it helps neutralise our energy. Our body needs electrons to keep functioning effectively as these electrons have antioxidant effects that fight oxidative stress which is linked to diseases and inflammation. But, these electrons get depleted in our body when we are continuously exposed to trans fat, pesticides, radiation, etc. Thus, we need to have a proper balance of electrons in our body. The earth contains a magnetic field and has a flow of energy. Several studies suggest that when we walk barefoot on grass, we get connected to the magnetic fields of the earth, and the electrons are transferred into our body, which has a positive effect on our overall health.

So, now you know all the wonderful reasons why you should walk barefoot on grass. So, instead of hitting the snooze button tomorrow, wake up early and go for a walk in the park. It will surely make you feel happy and calm and will keep you healthy too!

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