Make Music part of your life

Make Music part of your life

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Music should be part and parcel of a person’s life. It can bring about a great deal of joy in a person’s life as it has a wonderfully soothing effect on the body. Music not just soothes the body but has a great effect on the heart too. The sounds that reverberate when a song is played make the heart feel light and easy and make a person feel good and give the much-needed relaxation. Some of the effects of music can be listed as under:

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Music can be considered as the food for the heart as well as the Body:

Music has the power to make a person feel energised again. The tiredness from a person’s body is completely removed once a person listens to a song that their heart desires. Many people go into the lyrics of the song because of which they get freed from tension and anxiety. A person with heart disease should listen to music to relax. Normally after a regular day’s work, a person can feel quite exhausted and at times doesn’t have the stamina to perform other work. With good music, a person can feel happy again and get energised to do any work. Music can prepare a person to mentally deal with life and also give zeal and motivation.

Listening Music

It can influence the Body without the Person knowing it:

It becomes difficult for a person to know that their body is getting influenced by the tune of the song played. The body feels the music without the person knowing about it. The heart beats at a normal rate when good music is played on. The stress from a person’s mind is erased, and they get the time to enjoy some quiet time without thinking about the pressures of life. Music also helps a person to remain healthy, and it keeps negative thoughts at bay. The immune system also gets stronger when we listen to music.

• It has the power to reduce Blood Pressure and keep a person Healthy and Fit:

Mostly blood pressure rises with too much of stress that a person takes. But, when the stress level reduces, it directly lowers the blood pressure level and makes a person feel healthy. Music can help to lower blood pressure as it relaxes the mind and also makes the respiratory system normal. People should tune into music whenever they get time.

Being happy is being Healthy !

•  It is a good Pain Reliever:

At times, a person may feel depressed and pained by certain activities. The heart rate gets faster when a person is in pain. Pain can also affect the heart and make it weak. Music can also be good for people who are fighting cancer and other serious diseases.

It has been proved scientifically that even animals tend to enjoy music to a great extent. It was found during a study that cows give more milk if the music was played in the background while milking. So, by and large, it is a foregone conclusion that Music should be a part of everyone’s life. People should listen to it as it is a great habit and should be inculcated in life for a better and healthy living!

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