Natural Air Purifier Alternatives to Purify Air at Home

Natural Air Purifier Alternatives to Purify Air at Home

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Health is a big issue these days. Each one of us wants to remain healthy, but the pollution outside does not permit us in doing so. The cars, bikes, and all the petrol diesel cars along with the factories are a major reason that adds to the formation of pollution. Using a face mask also does not work at times. Staying at home is considered to be one of the best ways to avoid pollution or else it may cause breathing problems. But what if we get to know that the air inside our house is even more polluted?

Yes, the air that is present inside our home is two to three times more polluted than outside. Quite frequently we visit the doctor, intake pills, get worried about our health issues but we neglect the most important thing, and that is the air that we breathe 24*7. Everything that we touch, our clothes, or the bed sheet where we sleep, or the mattresses, etc., everything contains several harmful toxins as well as chemicals. Breathing in such an atmosphere may cause several health issues like allergies, rashes as well as breathing problems. So here we discuss Natural ways to purify the air in your house as an alternative to the use of Air purifier.

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Increase of Ventilation:

This is one of the major points that should be kept in mind. Well, ventilated houses are always moisture free which enhances the purity of the air inside the house. For this, one does not have to keep the window open all the time to let the outside pollutants come in but use perforated nets on the window to at least let the breathed out air go out. Exhaust fans work like a miracle for this. It pulls out all the polluted air of the house outside. Cooking is a great source of indoor pollution. Using an exhaust or a chimney in the kitchen can keep the kitchen pollution free.

Salt Lamps:

The elements which are present in the salt crystals help to clean up the airborne pollutants like allergens and pathogens by throwing out the water vapours that is created out of the indoor air. Pink Himalayan salt lamps in the room or the office keep the atmosphere clean and works as a decorative item as well. The salt lamp works when they are turned on as well as when they are turned off too.

Beeswax Candles:

Candles are something which all of us likes to light up our houses with. But these days the candles are made up of petroleum which releases toluene and benzene which in a way pollutes the air. These scented candles usually do more harm than doing something good. On the other hand, using beeswax candles can do something good for the air. They neutralise the toxic pollutants of the air, thus keeping the air purified. While burning, they do not produce any smoke and also burns for a longer period in comparison to the other candles. They are helpful for patients with asthmas as well since they keep air pollution and dust-free.

Activated Charcoal as an Air Purifier :

Activated charcoal or active carbon acts as a purifier for the indoor air. They are highly absorptive and odourless and also eliminate the toxins from the air. Bamboo charcoal does the same.

Essential Oils :

Essential oils like oregano, thyme, cinnamon, rosemary, tea tree, clove, etc. remove viruses like bacteria, fungi, and several other germs and keep the air purifier. Adding these oils to soaps and detergents also cleanses the air.

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House Plants:

Plants also filter toxins and keep the air purified. Plants like peace lily welcome moderate sunlight and lady palm welcome bright as well as indirect light. Spider plants if kept in the kitchen helps to control the xylene as well as the carbon monoxide production. Several other plants like money plant, Chrysanthemum, silver vine, etc. also purify the air to its maximum level.

May of us spend most of our time inside the house, and this is why we should keep the house toxin  and chemical-free to avoid these diseases. Artificial ways are always not required as they may have side effects too, but there are several natural ways to keep the house purified. The best part is that you don’t even need to invest anything extra on this. Simply by being extra careful, you can avoid all the health hazards, which occur from the air.

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