Plants which Act as Natural Air Purifier

Plants which Act as Natural Air Purifier

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We all have been greatly affected by highly polluted air levels in our skies.It results in humans inhaling toxic chemicals not just when they are outside but inside the house as well.The Toxic levels of the polluted air have forced people to go in for Masks, and a Wide range of Air Purifiers have been launched to cash on the need to purify air at home and is proving to be a money spinner for a lot of brands.However as per a study by IIT Kanpur-These so-called Air Purifiers only serve a limited purpose and do not hold much value.Instead, the air can be purified at home by having plants which help us to clean air from its toxins and gives fresh air as well.Here are Three Plants which serve as a Natural Air Purifier of the air inside the house.

The Three Plants which act as a  Natural Air Purifier


1. Areca Palm

Areca Palm is also Known as living room Plant.This plant is known to absorb Carbon Monoxide, and Formaldehyde thereby cleaning the air of the toxins and also increases the level of oxygen in air Helping in giving fresh and purified air and acts as a Natural Air Purifier.These plants require minimal effort to be maintained and are only required to be put in sunlight once in about 3-4 months.

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Keep around 4 Areca palm plants of around shoulder length for every person at home to be able to reap the full benefits.You also need to make sure to keep cleaning the leaves to enjoy inhaling pure air at home.

Mother in Law Tongue Plant

Source: The Spruce

2.Mother in Law Tongue Plant

The Second Plant which helps in purifying the air indoors is the Mother in law Tongue Plant also known as Snake

Plant or the Bedroom Plant.The speciality of this plant is that it converts CO2 to Oxygen even at Night Time thereby increasing the level of Oxygen in the air and making it better.You need to plant around 6 plants of Mother in Law Tongue Plant of up to waist height or 3 feet to reap the maximum benefits.

Money Plant

3. Money Plant

One of the very popular plants is the Money Plant.It is believed to be an auspicious plant and known to bring in money.It may or may not bring in the monetary gains but helps Clean Chemical Toxins from the air and gives fresh air for sure, and the best part is that it does not require much efforts as far as the maintenance is concerned.So go for a Money Plant right away and help yourself in improving the quality of air as the Money Plant is a Great air cleaner
So wait no longer and go in for these plants to make not just your home a safer place to breathe but if all do the same, it would definitely help in reducing the air pollution levels of the entire city as small drops make an ocean.Stay Healthy, Stay Protected.

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