Salads: Your Friend for a Healthy Lifestyle !

Salads: Your Friend for a Healthy Lifestyle !

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Usually, Salads are prepared with only raw vegetables like carrot, cabbage, onions, cucumber, and tomatoes, which are cut into small slices and sprinkled with a pinch of salt and lemon. These are either served as a small portion of a meal plate along with other food items or just ignored.

Once you know and understand the importance of having salad, you will choose to have a salad with your meals. You can also prepare the salad in a creative way, which will be tastier, crunchy, balanced and, of course, healthy.

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Why salads?

By starting your meal with a bowl of salad, you can lose weight. The simple secret behind this is, salads are low in calories, high in proteins and fibre. Taking a nutritious food will give you a feel of full, this makes you eat the remaining meal less, and ultimately you will lose weight.

Eating salads which have high fibre help in lowering cholesterol and reduces the risk of diseases.

Here are the Four Health Reasons to have Salads:

• Eat salads for the Fibre

It might be hard to believe, but eating salad gives you high fibre. Eating a good amount of fibre will help you feel fuller and eat less.


• Eat salads for Health Benefits

It has been found that eating nutrient-rich food will improve your overall health.

If you eat green salad, frequently, you will have higher blood levels which contain powerful antioxidants, particularly with raw vegetables. Antioxidants protect the body from the damage caused by harmful molecules and free radicals.

Experts say that eating lots of fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of many diseases, especially cancer. It is also said that people who maintain their diet with protein-rich fruits and vegetables may have a low risk of developing cancers of head and neck. Foods which are found to be protective are beans, peas, tomatoes, carrots, apples, peaches, pears and strawberries.

• Prefer Salads for Losing Weight

If you are aiming to lose weight, it is the best way to start your meal with a salad. As eating salads will give you the feeling of fullness, it reduces the calories eaten while you have your meal. Researchers suggest, that “bigger is better”, means if the salad which you eat is in bigger in volume, you will avoid taking more calories.

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• Increase Immune system

Vegetables contain antioxidants, which boosts the immune system. So, eating salad will increase your immune system.

• Eat Salads to get good Fat

Eating a healthy amount of good fat with your salad helps your body to absorb protective phytochemicals. Add nuts, seeds, beans, avocado or olive oil to your salad and gain more benefits to living a healthy lifestyle.

• Sharpens your Eyesight

Eating certain salads will boost your eyesight. Salads that have spinach, romaine, or red leaf lettuce contain a good amount of vitamin A.

• Strengthens your Muscles

Green salads and spinach have nitrates which help in producing proteins in muscles. These salads will make stronger and more efficient.

• Slim down your Waist

As salads have low calories, eating them will burn the excess fat. Replace your fatty foods with the salad and slim down the pounds.

• Lower your food Cravings

Because of the rich proteins and nutrients in a salad, when you eat them you get the feel of full, which also helps you from your over-eating.

• Fast and Easy

A salad doesn’t need any cooking process, you can save your time. Anyone can easily make these salads and add them to their daily menu.

Getting a regular supply of proteins and nutrients is essential because our body doesn’t store it. Eating a good amount of salad which has plenty of proteins, nutrients and fibre will help your healthy lifestyle.

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