Sitting at the Desk for too long may increase Dementia risk, say Scientists

Sitting at the Desk for too long may increase Dementia risk, say Scientists

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Dementia is a broad category of brain diseases that cause a decline in mental ability and interferes with day to day activities. It describes a set of symptoms that may include memory loss and difficulties with problem-solving, language, and thinking. A recent study claim that sitting for too long may increase dementia risk in middle-aged adults.

The study was carried out by a group of scientists, including one of Indian origin. A study was published in the journal PLOS One, wherein the researchers recruited 35 people (aged between 45 and 75 years). The researchers asked the participants about the levels of their physical activity and the average number of hours each day they spent sitting over the previous week.

Each person had a high-resolution Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI ) scan, which provides a proper look at the MTL, or medial temporal lobe, a brain region involved in the formation of new memories. The researchers found that sedentary lifestyle is an essential predictor of thinning of the MTL and that physical activity, even at high levels, is not sufficient to offset the harmful effects of sitting for extended periods. The thinning of MTL can be a precursor to dementia and cognitive decline in middle-aged and older adults.

One of the researchers said that reducing sedentary behaviour may be a possible target for interventions designed to improve cognitive health in people at risk for Alzheimer’s disease. He also said that this research does not claim that too much-sitting causes thinner brain structures, instead the study claims that more hours spent sitting are associated with thinner regions.

All in all, it is evident through the study that sitting for too long may increase dementia risk. Hence it is best to take some precautions to keep this condition at bay. Make sure you get up from your desk for at least two to three minutes per hour and also indulge in some physical activity on a daily basis to stay healthy and fit.

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