The Comparision between Cow Milk and Buffalo Milk

The Comparision between Cow Milk and Buffalo Milk

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Milk is, after all, milk, or so you may think! But while the basic taste is more or less the same, there are several other components and attributes that vary between different types of milk. Two of the most popular types of milk are that of a cow and a buffalo, which are processed and sold all over the world. However, the differences between the two are immense. This article will surely help you decide which type of milk floats your boat!

Buffalo milk has 100% more fat content than that of cow’s milk and therefore can be conserved, potted or sealed for a longer period. Cow milk, on the other hand, cannot be preserved for long periods of time due to the lower fat content.

As far as the nutritional qualities go, buffalo milk is high in calcium and is a haven for minerals like magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Likewise, cow’s milk too has a great variety of minerals, vitamins and proteins besides the necessary calcium.


Buffalo milk is great for those who wish to cut down on the cholesterol as the milk has more fat and calories than cholesterol. It is, in fact, an added benefit to drinking buffalo milk for healthy bones, dental health, and healthy weight gain besides improving cardiovascular health.

Even though cow milk has more cholesterol as compared to the buffalo milk, it has less fat, which is good for those who wish to cut down on the calories and lose weight the healthy way. It is beneficial for healthy bones, dental health and in reducing obesity in children as well as adults. For those who struggle with issues related to thyroid and cardiovascular diseases, cow milk is the answer!

Overall, dairy products such as cheese, butter, yoghurt, sweets, and ice cream, which are made out of buffalo milk tend to be creamier, thicker and heavier when compared to products that are made out of cow milk. Also, when we speak of the consumption rates, buffalo milk is widely consumed in South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, along with Italy, whereas cow milk products are more popular the world over.

In a nutshell, we need to figure in our specific requirements to arrive at a conclusion as to whether cow milk would be beneficial or buffalo milk. Both of them are equally good with their pros and cons just that it depends on what suits us more as an individual and as a family.

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