The Top 8 Health Benefits of Eating Breakfast

The Top 8 Health Benefits of Eating Breakfast

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“Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dine like a Pauper”. It is a commonly used phrase. But how many of you actually follow it? We all must have heard once in a lifetime from our elders that breakfast is the most important meal and one should never miss it. Well, guess what? They are right, eating a healthy breakfast is very crucial for our health. Here we will enlist some of the important health benefits of eating breakfast.

Health Benefits of Eating Breakfast

1. It Keeps you Energised Throughout the Day

We all need a lot of energy to keep going all day long. After a good night sleep, your body needs fuel to get going. Your primary energy source is glucose, which fuels your brain and body. When you eat breakfast, it gives your body glucose which helps your body function properly and fights fatigue. This is indeed one of the major health benefits of eating breakfast.

2. It Helps Maintain an Ideal Body Weight

It is a myth that the less you eat, the less you weigh. Those who believe in this myth start skipping their breakfast. They think that skipping meal will help them lose weight, however, when they don’t eat breakfast, it causes them to snack throughout the day, eat a heavy lunch and dinner and also impact their mood negatively. Breakfast helps in boosting your metabolism and also curbs your hunger which in turn prevents consuming extra calories throughout the day and stabilises your blood sugar. In a nutshell, when you eat a healthy breakfast- your stomach is full, and so you do not feel hungry for some time and don’t have a craving for junk foods which helps you maintain an optimal weight.

3. It Improves Cognitive Abilities

Have you ever skipped your breakfast and then felt irritated at your workplace? Have you ever skipped breakfast and then felt you are unable to concentrate? Well, all this happens because you skip the most important meal of the day-Breakfast. A healthy and nutritious breakfast improves your concentration, problem-solving skills, creativity, attention span and hand-eye coordination. Also, when you eat a healthy breakfast, it gives you energy for all day long and helps you be physically active.

4. Reduce Risk of Heart Diseases

Researchers have shown that eating a healthy breakfast can reduce the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases. It lowers the chances of getting a Heart Attack, stroke and diabetes. It is because a healthy breakfast reduces the chances of gaining excessive weight, which is among the major causes of all these health conditions.

5. It makes you feel Good and Happy

When you feel hungry, you start getting irritated and angry. Isn’t it? Well, that is why breakfast is crucial as it fills your appetite so that you don’t feel hungry and don’t jump in for snacks and other harmful foods. Hungry people are irritable and moody; so fill in your plate with healthy breakfast foods and keep a smile on your face always. Morning breakfast reduces morning crankiness and keeps you in a good mood.

6. It helps you Eat Healthy Foods

Breakfast is the key foundation of a healthy diet. Studies have shown that there is a link between regular breakfast eating and overall eating habits. Studies revealed that those who skip their breakfast tend to eat more sugar and fat throughout the day, while those who eat a healthy breakfast- tend to eat more nutritious and healthy foods throughout the day. Apparently, it is seen that people who skip their breakfast tend to eat more fat and sugar all day long, and those who eat a healthy breakfast – tend to eat more nutritious and healthy foods at other times of the day too.

7. It allows you to Portion Your Meals Properly

When you wake up, you might not feel hungry. However, when you eat a healthy and balanced breakfast; it helps you plan and portion out your meals for the rest of your day. This way, you will not be tempted to munch snacks or binge-eat unnecessarily, both of which are highly unhealthy habits and can cause various health concerns. This is again one of the best benefits of eating breakfast.

8. It helps lower the “Bad Cholesterol.”

Eating a healthy breakfast every day can help lower LDL cholesterol, which is commonly known as the “bad” cholesterol. When you skip your breakfast, your body creates a chain reaction within:
• First, you slow down your body’s metabolism.
• Second, fat is stored for a longer time in your body.
• Third, your tendency to overeat at your next meal is increased.
• And last, you gain weight, and your LDL cholesterol goes up.

Thus, you must take a healthy breakfast to maintain your cholesterol at an optimum level and increase the level of “good cholesterol” in your body.

Every meal is important to keep you healthy and fit. However, breakfast is the most important one as it gives you energy to work actively and enthusiastically all day long. Now that you know the various health benefits of eating breakfast, you must make sure not to miss your breakfast ever. Make sure that you include only healthy and nutritious foods in your breakfast. Avoid eating spicy and fried foods in the morning. You can make your own Diet Plan and stick to it. Else, you can also consult a Dietician and take help for making an effective Diet Plan for you.

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