Things you Definitely need to know about a Mouthwash

Things you Definitely need to know about a Mouthwash

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Everybody loves to have a cool, fresh breathe and that is why people focus a lot on dental care. Using mouthwash is also a part of the daily health routine for many people. But, whether mouthwash is good for oral health or not; the topic still remains a debate.
Mouthwash is a solution which is used after brushing the teeth to rinse away food particles and plaque from the teeth. The debris and mucus which is located deep inside the throat can also be rinsed away with mouthwash. It also gives us protection against tooth decay and gum disease.

Mouth Wash

What are the Ingredients of Mouthwash?

All mouthwashes differ from each other in terms of the ingredients included in them; however, there are certain ingredients which are common to all, which are listed below:

1. Alcohol
Alcohol and other antimicrobial agents are used in mouthwash to kill bacteria and other germs that lead to tooth decay and bad breath.

2. Detergents
Detergents are included in mouthwash to remove food debris and loose plaque from the teeth.

3. Flavours
Flavours and different colours are used to improve the look and taste of a mouthwash.

4. Preservatives
They are used to prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouthwash.

5. Water

Water is used to dissolve the other ingredients of the mouthwash.

There are some mouthwashes which also contain fluoride to protect us against tooth decay and make the teeth more resistant to acid attacks.

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What are the Benefits of Using a Mouthwash?

1. It promotes Oral Health

It helps in fighting against cavities and gum diseases. Also, it prevents bacterial growth in the mouth and fights against infections.

2. It aids in post-surgery treatment

There are certain mouthwashes which help in curing sores and inflammation after dental surgery. These kinds of mouthwashes are prescribed by the Doctors when the patients are advised not to brush their teeth for a brief period after surgery.

3. It helps in Treating Ulcers

It helps in treating ulcers in the mouth and also fights against mouth infection.

4. It gives a Fresh Breath

There are certain bacteria which cause bad breath, and mouthwash helps in killing these bacteria and gives us a minty fresh breath.

Freshness after using a Mouthwash

What are the Disadvantages of Using a Mouthwash?

1. It can be harmful to Children’s Health

Children can accidentally ingest mouthwash which can have serious health consequences. It can lead to convulsions, and in severe cases, it can also lead to comatose, i.e. a state of coma. Thus, one should supervise children while they use the mouthwash and kids below the age of 5 should be asked to use it only if a dentist prescribes it.

2. It can Damage Parts of the Mouth

There are certain mouthwashes which contain a high level of alcohol, and that can burn the delicate mucous membranes of the mouth and damage it.

3. It can lead to a Bad Breath

It helps us in giving a good breath, but only for a short period. If a person has poor oral hygiene and does not brush properly, then even mouthwash won’t be able to take care of oral health. Doing proper brushing along with using mouthwash leads to good breath and healthy teeth. One cannot rely solely on mouthwash to get a fresh breath.

How to Choose a Mouthwash?

Some crucial factors to consider before purchasing Mouthwash are:

1. People suffering from a dry mouth should use mouthwash which does not contain alcohol. It is because alcohol is a drying agent and thus it can make the mouth drier.

2. If the objective of buying mouthwash is to fight against tooth decay, then one must buy mouthwash which has extra fluoride.

3. For those who have any gum disease; they can consider chlorhexidine (Savacol or Corsodyl)

4. If you simply need mouthwash for regular use, then you can try some popular brands. There are many brands in the market that contain fluoride, chlorhexidine and are also alcohol-free.

One can use any mouthwash based on their needs and interests. But, it is recommended to use a Mouthwash prescribed by a Dentist. To get Colgate Plax Mouthwash delivered anywhere in India  Click Here.

How to Use a Mouthwash?

1. Use it twice a day or as recommended by the Dentist

2. Use the appropriate amount as indicated on the label or as directed by the dentist.

3. Do not swallow it.

4. After using a mouthwash, do not eat, drink or smoke for at least 30 minutes to get its maximum benefit.

It can be concluded that using mouthwash is good for oral health; if it used in a proper manner, then it can keep our teeth healthy and prevent gum diseases. Use mouthwash and brush your teeth two times a day to have strong and beautiful teeth. If you experience any dental problems, do Consult a Dentist.

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