Tips to  Protect Yourself from Heat Strokes

Tips to Protect Yourself from Heat Strokes

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You could experience the heat right in the morning when you wake up and feel uncomfortable. The summer months pose a great difficulty as far as comfort is concerned. The severe heat of the sun is indeed unbearable and makes life difficult. But we cannot do much about the situation as it is something not in our hands and controlled by Mother Nature. It is a natural cycle and after the pleasant seasons of spring, summer months makes the environment around very unpleasant. The scorching heat has severe effects on the physical attribute of human beings. It, therefore, becomes important to protect Your Body from The Sun when you go out during the sultry summer months.

Heatstroke is a health condition that occurs when the body reaches a temperature of 104 degrees F (40 degrees C) or higher. It is usually a result of prolonged exposure to or physical exertion in high temperatures.

The scorching heat of the summer can cause heatstroke even in a healthy person. We get drained of all our energy due to heat, which makes us feel weak and lethargic. Sunstroke requires immediate treatment; or else it can damage a person’s brain, heart, kidneys and muscles.

Heat Stroke: A Life-Threatening Health Issue

Summers can bring a lot of health issues, and one of the most frequently faced problems is that of heat strokes. Heatstroke happens when one is exposed to extremely hot weather conditions. Heatstroke is a kind of medical emergency that can be life-threatening. Heatstroke occurs when our body is highly dehydrated and is unable to cool itself enough to maintain usual healthy body temperature. At such point of time, our body stops losing heat through our skin by perspiration or sweating. The evident reason behind heatstroke is heat stress, and when heat stress is left untreated, it can easily lead to major heat stroke. The temperature of the body then rises to either 104 degrees or even higher than that.

Causes of Heatstroke

•Heatstroke can occur due to:

•Exposure to a hot environment

•Intense physical workout in hot weather.

•Wearing tight-fitted clothes that prevent sweat from evaporating easily and cooling the body

•Drinking Alcohol



The symptoms of Heat Strokes :

•The main sign of heatstroke is a body temperature of 104 F (40 C) or higher.

•Feeling confused, agitated, irritated and a slurred speech

•Muscle Cramps

•A severe headache

• Rapid heartbeat

• Dizziness

• Loss of consciousness

• Vomiting

• Headache

• Hot and dry skin yet not sweats

• Hallucinations

• Agitation and disorientation

• Exhaustion

If two or more symptoms are noticed then care must be taken immediately, and a Doctor should be consulted without any delay. Neglecting these symptoms can not only be dangerous but life-threatening too.

Prevention of Heat Strokes

Heatstroke or heat exhaustion normally strikes during periods of extremely hot weather that brings heat waves. The best defence you can have for yourself against heat exhaustion is avoiding scorching sunlight and heatwaves. Heatstroke is quite predictable, and the good news is that it is preventable too. Just follow the below-mentioned steps to stay healthy and fit without the fear of having heat strokes.

1. Avoid going out:

The hottest phase of the day during summer is 11 o’clock in the morning to 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Avoid going out during this period of the day and save yourself from the heat waves. Try to stay indoors and do not go out until and unless it is extremely important to go out. Any strenuous work like workout etc. should be done either early morning or late evening. Also if it is not practical to stay indoors then care must be taken to be in shaded areas so as to avoid the harsh sun rays directly.

2.Wear loose and comfortable Clothes:

Proper clothing helps you to feel at ease during the summer months. You should wear the right kind of clothes when you go out during the daytime. It is said that from 11 am to 3 pm, UV ray is the highest and is often advised by the dermatologist to avoid the sun during this time which is not always possible. In that case, the wearing of loose outfit makes an individual feel comfortable and beat Heat Strokes. Wear lightweight clothes which are made of cotton to let your body breathe properly. The clothes must be loose and light-coloured also so that your body does not absorb much of the heat. Summer friendly clothes can heat strokes by making you comfortable.

3.Protect your Eyes:

One of the very effective ways to beat Heat Strokes is to protect your eyes. When you protect your skin with the application of sunscreen and keep your body covered wearing clothes which have long sleeves, it is essential that you protect your eyes too. It, therefore, becomes important to wear sunglasses, possibly with UV protection to prevent eyes from getting damaged.

4.Apply sunscreen to Protect Your Body from The Sun :

The most dangerous effect of heat from the sun causes sunburn. Sunburned skin looks pale and discoloured. The harmful UV rays from the sun are indeed harmful to the skin and continuous exposure to the sun can lead to severe skin diseases and in extreme cases cause even skin cancer which can be life-threatening. To prevent it, make sure to apply sunscreen 20-30 minutes before you step out. If you want to avoid sun damage, it is better to stay indoors, but that is not possible as most people need to go out on a regular basis to carry out important functions pertaining to home or office. Application of sunscreen is considered to be the best for skin and can be used by people of all ages and sexes. Use sunscreen with a high SPF level. You must not use sunscreen below SPF 30. Your skin will get more protection if the SPF level in your sunscreen is higher.

5.Maintain a Healthy Diet Plan:

Apart from keeping every part of your body covered and protected during the sultry summer months when you go out, it is essential that you eat food that does not contain too much oil. You must include salad, fruits in your regular diet. Consumption of yoghurt is also refreshing. Your body must not get dried up due to excessive sweating, so drink adequate water and try to drink more than usual to keep yourself hydrated at all times to avoid havingHeat Strokes.


Keep your body hydrated at all times, and that will surely help the body sweat. Drink a lot of water and other natural, healthy fluids. You can also consume sports drinks to quench your thirst. It will also maintain the usual temperature of the body and will defend against the lack of sodium level

Drinking Water



If you feel sick due to the heat, do consult a doctor immediately. Prescribed medications can increase the body’s ability to keep it in hydrated and in good shape.

8. Don’t stay inside Parked Cars:

Staying inside a parked Car without an AC can often cause a person to face heatstroke since a vehicle parked in the sun is much hotter as compared to the temperature outside.

9. Avoid caffeine:

Drinks having caffeine dehydrate the human body and might be a reason behind heatstroke. Avoid consuming alcohol during summers to face dangerous health issues.

Pathology Tests


To beat the heat from affecting you -cool accessories like trendy umbrellas, stylish hats, and designer cotton or silken scarves can be used. These accessories will cover most parts of your body and will keep you fit.

What are the Home Remedies for Heat Stroke?

Here are some best Home Remedies to Treat Sun Stroke:

1.Use Buttermilk

Ingredients to be used:

 Two tablespoons yoghurt
 A pinch of salt
 A pinch of cumin powder (Optional)
 A glass of water

How to Use?

Mix yoghurt with water properly and add salt and cumin powder to them and blend all the ingredients together. Drink this chilled.

Butter Milk

Drink 1-2 glasses of buttermilk daily during summers.

2.Use Essential Oils

Ingredients to be Used:

 2-3 drops of Peppermint oil
 1-2 drops of lavender oil
 Two tablespoons of almond oil or olive oil

How to Use?

Mix all the oils and apply the mixture on the back of the neck, on your soles and inside your wrists.

Apply this when the body temperature starts rising.

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3.Use Onion Juice

Ingredients to be used:

 Onion Juice
 Honey

How to Use?

 Apply onion juice behind the ears, on the feet and the chest after the sunstroke attack. Leave it on.
 Drink one teaspoon of onion juice mixed with a teaspoon of honey after the symptoms of sunstroke are gone.

Apply the onion juice once during the stroke, and you can drink the onion-honey mixture twice a day for a few days after the sunstroke.

4. Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Ingredients to be used:

• A glass of cold water
• 1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar

How to Use?

Mix the ingredients and drink the mixture after a walk in the sun.

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5.Use Sandalwood Paste

Ingredients to be used:

 Water
 3-4 tablespoons of sandalwood powder

How to Use?

Mix sandalwood powder with enough amount of water to make a thin paste. Apply the paste on the forehead and chest. Leave it on for an hour.

Apply this paste once daily to reduce the symptoms of sunstroke.

6. Use Coriander Water

Ingredients to be Used:

• A bunch of coriander
• A pinch of sugar

Coriander Water

How to Use?

Blend the coriander leaves and extract the coriander juice out of it. Add some sugar to it and mix well. Keep it in the refrigerator to let it cool for a few minutes and drink this.

Summer is a time to enjoy beaches and refreshing drinks. Do not let the scorching Heat Strokes take away your moments of enjoyment- Be careful when you go out in the sun. It is best to consult a General Physician if you experience any symptoms of sunstroke. Medications along with the home remedies will help you treat Sun Stroke quickly and efficiently.

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