Understanding the Risks and Causes of Infertility !

Understanding the Risks and Causes of Infertility !

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What is infertility?

Infertility can be, defined as a disease of the reproductive system of the human body. It is the failure to conceive after twelve months or more of unprotected sex. Women often fail to be pregnant after the age of thirty-five. Women who conceive, but cannot stay pregnant can also be termed as infertile.

How do Women get Pregnant?

To become pregnant women have to go through many steps in their body.They are as follows:

• Ovulation is a process where the egg is released from the ovaries.

• It is mandatory, for the egg to pass via the fallopian tube and release in the uterus or known as the womb.

• Upon intercourse, the sperm of a man must fertilise the egg.

• After that, the fertilized egg must be tethered, inside the uterus, this process is known as implantation.

Infertility can disrupt, any of the following steps, and prevent an individual from being pregnant.


Types of Infertility:

There are two types of Infertility.

Primary Infertility: This form of infertility is where a couple have never before conceived a child.

Secondary Infertility: This form of infertility is caused when a couple or an individual have conceived before and have failed to conceive the following time.

Causes of Infertility:

Female infertility is most commonly related to ovulation. Without ovulation, an egg cannot be made, and if there is no egg, there is no chance of fertilisation. This form of irregularity is mainly caused due to irregular or absent menstrual periods. Problems in ovulation are caused by polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).PCOS is caused due to hormonal imbalance which causes interference with the normal process of ovulation. The other significant problem is POI Primary Ovarian Insufficiency. This occurs when a women’s ovary is no longer functional and stops producing eggs. This is a problem is similar to menopause.

There are some problems that may occur under rare circumstances. Such as a blocked fallopian tube is caused due to pelvic inflammatory decrease or a surgery undergone for ectopic pregnancy, or any other physical problem in the uterus, or Uterine Fibroids this is a form of non-cancerous lumps of muscle or tissue on the walls of the uterus.

Infertility may be caused due to infection in both men and women, but there is no underlying cause for the same.

Are Women only affected by this Problem?

People often consider that infertility is a problem that only affects women. But the fact of the matter is that men equally face this sort of problem. One-third of the fertility problem is caused by men, and another one-third is caused by women.

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Causes of Infertility in Men:

• Varicocele is a disease caused in men. This occurs when the vain, on the testicle of a man is larger than normal. This causes the testicles to heat up and heat the shape and the number of sperms.

• Low production of sperms is another cause of infertility.

• If there is any form of injury or damage caused in the testicles, then the shape and size of the sperm are affected and therefore this form of damage in the reproductive system can block the production of sperm.

• A man can be born with problems that may affect his ability or quality of the sperm. Or he may suffer illnesses that may result in the problem, such as cystic fibrosis. This causes infertility in men.

Risks of Infertility for both Men and Women:

• Drugs

• Heavy alcohol use

• Health problems such as mumps, serious conditions like kidney disease, or hormone problems

• Age

• Radiation treatment and chemotherapy for cancer

• Smoking cigarettes

• Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

• Medicines

• Environmental toxins, including pesticides and lead

• Athletic training

• Poor diet

• polycystic ovarian syndrome and primary ovarian insufficiency

• Stress

• Being overweight or underweight

Why is age a major reason for Infertility for Women?

There are a lot of women who wait until the age of 30–40 to get pregnant. Age is one of the major causes of infertility in women. After the age of thirty-five, the ovary tends to lose the capacity to produce an egg.

Reasons, where Women reduce the chance of getting Pregnant, are:

• A woman’s ovary becomes weak and produces fewer eggs.

• There are fewer chances if egg being produced

• The egg that does product is weak and unhealthy.

• The woman herself is weak to carry the child.

Due to all the above problems, she is most likely to miscarry the child. Keep in mind, the following factors and transform your overall lifestyle, to reduce the risks of infertility. However, the good news is that there are a lot of Infertility Clinics available who can help you in fulfilling your dreams of having a child. Should you so desire, please do not hesitate to find the best clinics in your town.