What you Need to Know about Blood Sugar Levels

What you Need to Know about Blood Sugar Levels

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Blood Sugar Levels is something which is really dreaded by those suffering from diabetes or nearly diabetes. So it is very important to understand as to what the Blood sugar levels indicate and the repercussions which they can have on our body.

There are several factors which impact Blood Sugar Levels and as such need to be monitored carefully. Keeping the Blood sugar levels within the Desired range should be a top priority. The symptoms of high Blood sugar can vary from person to person, and some of the general symptoms are as under

Symptoms of High Blood Sugar Levels in the Body :

-Increased thirst.
-Trouble concentrating.
-Blurred vision.
-Frequent urination
-Fatigue (weak, tired feeling)
-Weight loss.

Blood Sugar Levels

Causes for Increase in Blood Sugar Levels :

-Skip or forget your insulin or oral glucose-lowering medicine
-High Intake of carbohydrates
-Have an infection
-Suffering from Illness
-Less than the Desired level of Physical Activity
-Also indulging in excessive physical activity, especially when your blood sugar levels are high and insulin levels are low

Fasting Blood Sugar Levels

Fasting Blood Sugar levels are taken before eating anything in the morning and for those on medication can indicate the effectiveness of medicines in controlling sugar levels during night time.
The desirable range for a Healthy Level is between 80-110mg/dl while a level of 111-125mg/dl is a cause for concern and if not corrected can lead to a person becoming Diabetic. Needless to mention anything over and above 125 is a cause of deep concern and effective measures should be taken immediately to keep the levels under control or else it can lead to complications in the body.

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Post Meal Blood Sugar Levels

Post Meal Blood Sugar Levels are usually taken two hours after having a meal to find out how blood sugar levels react to the food being consumed. Ideally, a target of 120-140 dl/mg is considered healthy. Between 140-200 is something which needs correction and over 200 is a cause for concern and requires changes in diet and need to go in for medication.

Testing these levels on a day to day basis can at times lead to misleading results so the best way to get the sugar levels tested is to go in for an HbA1c test which indicates the blood sugar levels over a period of three months and is a more reliable indicator to assess Blood Sugar Levels. An HbAic level of less than six per cent is considered optimum. Anything up to seven per cent needs correction and above eight per cent indicates an immediate need for medical intervention. The test is a fairly simple one, and if done in the morning hours, Reports are usually available by evening.

High levels of Sugar slowly erode the ability of the cells in the pancreas to produce insulin. The organ overcompensates resulting in insulin levels staying too high which can damage the Pancreas over time. High levels of sugar can also cause changes that lead to a hardening of the blood vessels, which is known as atherosclerosis

Some Ways To Control Blood Sugar At Meal Time

The level of sugar can increase during meals as there can be more intake of sugar during the meals. The high level of sugar can lead to high pressure and all kinds of diseases. High levels of sugar should be avoided at all costs. High sugar in the blood is the definite path to cause diabetes. High sugar can also be caused by the amount of food consumed during a particular period. To control blood sugar, there are certain types of meal routines that can be followed. These can help a person to lead a healthy lifestyle. Some of the ways are listed as under:

• Choice of the right carbs that are good for Health:

When consuming food, certain types of nutrients that are found in a particular type of food are carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and also some fatty acids. Out of all these, the most harmful of all that can cause high sugar levels in the body is carbohydrate. It is mostly found in rice and some other types of food items. The choice of carb during taking meals is a must. Lentils and fruits and vegetables that contain less carbohydrate and starch should be chosen.

• Replacing Carbohydrates with Proteins and Fats:

Instead of having carbohydrates, one should consume protein and fatty acids. Meat and fish such as salmon, etc. can be taken to keep sugar in check. Even if you are having the right kind of food, the most important part is to check the amount of food intake. If a person consumes more than required, it will soar the sugar level in the blood.

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• Proteins are a must for the Body, and they can  be taken Regularly:

Proteins are really good for the body, and they can be taken daily during breakfast time as it helps keep the body fit and healthy. Egg whites, meat, etc. can be taken. Cheese is also one ingredient that is extremely needed in the body. Different people have different body types, and it all depends on which food suits which body type more.

• Having more Fibre in foods can keep Blood Sugar in control:

Fibre is that kind of carbohydrate, which does not break down easily in the body because of which the body feels fuller after taking a meal. This helps a person to control the urge to have more foods. More fruits and vegetables should be consumed and also beans can be consumed to get more fibre in the body.

• Having Nuts can help to a great deal:

The more food a person consumes, the more chances increase to have high blood sugar. Blood sugar can be controlled by having proteins and fats in food. It helps to stabilise the blood sugar level in the body. One great food item is a nut which is useful for people having diabetes. It helps to control diabetes and also can keep a person away from all kinds of stress.

So it is extremely important to keep monitoring the blood sugar levels of the body especially once you hit the age of 40. Going in for a Full Body Health Checkup is also not a bad idea. Keeping blood sugar levels under control can help in keeping a lot of troubles at bay and can help in leading a healthy lifestyle. Those suffering from any of the symptoms should Consult a Doctor .


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