When do we need LFT? Book Liver Function Test in Rohini

When do we need LFT? Book Liver Function Test in Rohini

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The liver is one of the vital and the largest internal organ in the body. The liver performs many functions such as:

    It cleanses blood

    It stores essential vitamins and iron

    It stores the sugar glucose

    It converts ammonia to urea, which is important in metabolism.

    It destroys old Red Blood Cells, known as RBCs.

What are Liver Function Tests?

Liver Function tests are recommended by Doctors to measure the levels of liver enzymes, proteins and bilirubin in the blood, which helps in analysing if the liver is working properly or not.

The Doctor recommends the patient to go for a Liver Function Test in the following situations:

    To screen for liver infections, such as Hepatitis C

    To detect if there are any side effects of certain medications which are known to affect the liver

    To monitor the efficiency of treatment given for liver diseases

    To analyse the degree of cirrhosis on the liver

    To screen for liver disorders

Liver Tests

How do I know if I need to get a Liver Function Test done?

If you experience any symptoms of liver diseases, then you must go for a Liver Function Test. General symptoms of liver diseases include:

    Dark-colored urine

    Light-colored stool

    Loss of appetite

    Swollen belly

    Vomiting

    Yellowish eyes or skin

If you face any of the symptoms as mentioned above on a continuous basis, do visit a Gastroenterologist.

Who is at Risk?

You are more at the risk of developing liver diseases if you:

    Have a family with a history of liver diseases

    Are overweight

    Are alcoholic or a heavy drinker

    Are taking any medication that can cause damage to your liver

How to find the best Pathology Lab to get the test done?

You can easily find Pathology Labs for Liver Function Tests with the help of online sites. There are various websites which allow users to get the list of Path Labs for Liver Function Test in Rohini, compare the rates of different labs, choose the best rate and book the test online.

Below is the list of Pathology Labs for Liver Function Test in Rohini, Delhi:

Pathology Labs/Diagnostic Centres Address Cost
Path Care Lab  222, Pocket- 2, Sector-24,Rohini, Delhi 600
Human Health Care & Laboratories  C-7/72, Sector-7, Rohini, Delhi 650
Genotix Path Lab C-7/32, GF, Sector-7, Rohini, Delhi 550
SMC Path Care C-3/44, Sector- 5, Rohini, New Delhi 600
Dr Lal Path Labs 225, Pocket- D/7, Sector-6, Rohini, Delhi 780
Girwar Diagnostic Centre D-28, Inder Enclave Phase 2, Rohini, Delhi 600


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