Amount of Calcium You Need

What is the amount of calcium you need every day?

31-07-2018   |  

Calcium is a well-known bone-building nutrient. It is the most abundant mineral found in the human body. It forms about 2% of the total body weight. Almost all of this 2% is located in the skeleton, and the rest is found in our blood plasma, teeth and soft body tissues and extracellular fluid. But how much calcium do we need daily? Here we are gonna tell you the amount of calcium you need every day. What is the Role of calcium in our Body. Read more...

Best Orthopedic Doctor in Delhi

Best Orthopedic Doctor in Delhi- Get Complete Details About Bone Specialists

11-12-2017   |  

Do you experience pain in your ankles, knees, shoulders, or back? If you are, then you must consult an Orthopedic Doctor. Orthopedic Doctors specialises in issues, diseases and injuries related to the musculoskeletal system. They treat infections, broken bones, joint problems, sports injuries, bone tumours and degenerative conditions.  Finding the best Orthopedic Doctor in a big city like Delhi can be difficult. So, today we are going to share w. Read more...

Walking Benefits

Motivational Guide for Lazybones to Reap Walking Benefits

07-09-2017   |  

One of the Most affordable Exercises: walking, is often the least preferred in comparison to social gym exercises like aerobics. Very often we put a cold shoulder to our bodily needs and procrastinate the much-needed exercise for that extra minutes of sleep.Walking for a short distance can reverse the damage caused by prolonged desk work. Read more...

Vitamin D Deficiency

All you Wanted to Know About Vitamin D Deficiency

01-09-2017   |  

Why are we reading about the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency? Is this vitamin even essential for us? Dear readers, yes it is! It’s not only crucial for healthy bones, but it also has powerful effects of several systems throughout the body. Fortunately, your body makes it from cholesterol when skin is exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D, unlike other vitamins, acts like a hormone, and every single cell in your body has a receptor for it. All of us n. Read more...

Calcium Deficiency

What you need to Know about Calcium Deficiency !

21-08-2017   |  

Were you ever scolded by your parents for not drinking milk? Well, most kids have! Almost every parent wants their children to drink milk daily as it is one of the best sources of calcium, and they are aware of the fact that calcium deficiency in the body can cause significant health problems. Calcium performs many vital functions and is the most abundant mineral present in the human body. 99% of calcium in our body is found in our teeth and b. Read more...


Advantages & Disadvantages of Salt in Your Food

05-11-2016   |  

Since childhood, we have been taught that having too much salt in food is bad for health. It increases the rate of blood pressure- thus leading to heart attack and so on. It has gained so much bad publicity over the years that- millions of people have been forced to exclude it or have cut down drastically from their diets. But if we acquire enough knowledge about this mineral, we will learn that salt is also necessary for our health. [google_a. Read more...


What you need to Know about your Knees !

23-08-2015   |  

What do the knees do? The knees offer a stabilised support to the body. They also help the legs in bending and straightening. Both stability as well as flexibility is required for standing, walking, and running, crouching, jumping and turning. Other body parts help knees in doing their job. These body parts include: • Cartilage; • Bones; • Muscles; • Tendons; • Ligaments. Who can get knee problems? Women, chi. Read more...

Cod Liver Oil

Top Six Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

06-07-2015   |  

What is Cod Liver Oil? Cod liver oil is a nutritious essential oil that is extracted from the liver of cod fish. Cod liver oil is available in the market both in the forms of liquid and capsule.It is desirable to include cod liver oil in your diet, but the catch is, you need to take it in moderation, and you shouldn’t be on a strict medication during that time. It is a wonderful source of vitamin A, D and Omega-3 f. Read more...