Remedies to Treat Wisdom Tooth Pain

9 Remedies to Treat Wisdom Tooth Pain in 5 Minutes

12-03-2021   |  

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molar teeth located in the very back of our mouth. These teeth begin to take place in your chewing system by moving up and breaking through our gum line. The age from 17 to 25 is the time when these teeth appear. Possible consequences of this process include pain, a lot of pain. That is because our gums become inflamed, this area may also bleed, and you might experience headaches. Without further delay, we would . Read more...

Dental Flossing

All You wanted to know about Dental Flossing

24-04-2020   |  

Your Dentist has been telling you to floss for years now, but you just seem to ignore his advice. If you didn’t follow what your Dentist kept saying till now, you are not the only person, you have got company. There are so many people just like you who do not care to follow the Dental Flossing routine after brushing their teeth. But we would like to let all the readers know how vital Flossing your teeth is, and about some severe damages floss p. Read more...

Home Remedies for Bleeding Gums

Do your Gums Bleed? Try These Home Remedies for Bleeding Gums

19-02-2018   |  

Just imagine this – you are brushing, and when you glance at the mirror to have a look at your sparkling white teeth, you see blood coming out of your gums. You are horrified, and the next thing you do is schedule an appointment with a dentist or read all about the problem on the Internet. Bleeding gums is caused by a variety of factors including poor oral hygiene, deficiency of vitamins C and K, wearing dentures, the build-up of plaque, hormon. Read more...

Benefits of Miswak

Know the Benefits of Miswak to Blow away Dental Issues

11-02-2018   |  

Miswak is among those conventional, traditional and natural alternative to the modern toothbrushes we use. It has been in use for 7000 years for medicinal purposes as well as mouth cleaning. Miswak prevents the formation of dental plaque and as such can be used as an alternative of the hbrush for teeth cleaning. It is in the form of sticks. They are efficient, inexpensive, available, commonly available twig that has numerous medicinal properties.. Read more...

Health Benefits of onion Juice

Discover the Numerous Health Benefits of Onion Juice!

25-12-2017   |  

Euww it’s terrible smell! Can it have any health benefits? Yes, it does have many health benefits!We know this is the first thing that comes to your mind when we talk about onion juice. You can have some mouth freshener after having onion juice to avoid it's smell instead.You’ll forget about the bad smell after reading about these amazing health benefits of onion juice. .Did you know one can treat honey bite with onion juice? Ever been bitten. Read more...

Dental Braces

Things You Should Know Before Getting Dental Braces

06-11-2017   |  

Your first and foremost impression is your smile. Getting braces can be a frightening experience for all. Some people are afraid of getting them while others do not bother much. If you have the right amount of knowledge and information, getting braces can be similar to a walk in the park. We are here with another article, which tells you about the Things You Must be Aware of Before Getting Dental Braces. Dental Braces: Are they Too B. Read more...

Teeth Whitening

5 Ways How Green Tea improves Dental Health

12-09-2017   |  

Being Healthy and Fit in today’s world is one of the greatest concerns. Maintaining your body and remaining healthy is not that easy as it seems to be. Apart from maintaining your physical health, it’s important to maintain your oral health as well. To lead a healthy life, it’s important if you completely take care of your body health which includes dental health as well. Drinking green tea is not only comforting but is also good for your d. Read more...

Benefits of Oranges

8 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Oranges !

30-06-2017   |  

There are a lot of health benefits of oranges, and this is what we are going to talk about in this article. Studies show that orange works well in strengthening your emotional body, encouraging a feeling of joy, good health and cheerfulness. Who doesn’t love this delicious and juicy fruit? You can consume oranges in a number of ways; you can prepare orange juice, you can try making tasty yummy tarts and a lot of other things! There is so much t. Read more...