Home Remedies to Relieve a Toothache

Top Home Remedies to Relieve a Toothache!

29-06-2017   |  

A Toothache, which is also known as dental pain refers to the pain in and around the teeth or their supporting structures. The problem of a toothache occurs due to tooth decay generally, whereas there may be many other reasons responsible for the same. A toothache says it all that something is wrong! A toothache can be due to a cavity, an infection, gum disease or many other reasons can be responsible for the same. A toothache can be a horrify. Read more...

ask your dentist

Five questions that you must ask your Dentist

06-03-2016   |  

We avoid going to a dentist, but it is important to ask your dentist about possible issues that might come up if neglected today as Dental Issues or Oral problem is an age-old problem relating to all the age groups. Teeth add on to one's beauty and a smile without teeth is like a flower vase without flowers. As a parent, we are always worried about our child's continuous habit of munching chocolates, chips or cookies that might cause toothach. Read more...

Hydrogen Peroxide Solution as a cure for Gingivitis

Hydrogen Peroxide Solution as a cure for Gingivitis

12-09-2015   |  

Flossing and washing your mouth regularly and getting them checked on a regular basis is something basic for your oral hygiene. The swelling of gum is a common occurrence, right? There is more to dealing with gum swelling and this article we will uncover ways for you to look at hydrogen peroxide solution under a different light entirely.Here we. Read more...

Dental Care tips

Dental Care Tips for Healthy and Glowing Teeth

10-07-2015   |  

The urge to have a healthy oral regime is something which everybody strives for but consciously or unconsciously is not aware of the facts that can contribute to a healthy oral hygiene. It is important to ensure that the oral health is good at all times especially when you happen to be working, as while working you need to interact with a lot of people and having a bad mouth odour will affect your social interactions. So it is very much desirable. Read more...