Essential Nutrients for Women over 40

11 Essential Nutrients for Women over 40

15-06-2019   |  

Our 40s come with a lot of perks; women have a greater sense of self, stability in career, a family and the ability to say no. The fact of the matter is that in their quest to take the best care of their family and fulfilling their responsibilities, women tend to neglect their dietary intake and overall Health which is not at all right as a lot of problems come along with the ageing. The body starts degenerating, your reproductive system is slowe. Read more...

10 Harmful Effects of Diabetes

10 Harmful Effects of Diabetes on the Body

04-04-2019   |  

When you hear of the word Diabetes, what is the first thought that comes into your mind? It is probably about high blood sugar. Blood sugar is most often an underestimated component of our health. It is essential for the body; harmful is its high level for a long time. When this happens, it is known as diabetes. Diabetes affects the ability of our bodies to produce insulin. Insulin is a hormone that allows the body to turn food glucose into ener. Read more...

12 Medical Tests which are Essential for Women

12 Medical Tests which are Essential for Women

31-03-2019   |  

A Lot of the times it is observed that woman are more concerned about their Family Member's Health and tend to ignore their health. But this is something which should be avoided at all cost. In case of problems which needs medical attention or a health checkup, they tend to delay the decision just because they think that there are other more important things to take care of. However, it is very important that the womenfolk realise the importance . Read more...

Heart Disease

Tips to Prevent the No 1 Killer Globally: Heart Disease

08-08-2018   |  

When it comes to health disorders, we often worry about cancer. It is true that cancer is a deadly disease, but is it the only severe disease that kills people every year worldwide? No, it is not! According to research, roughly a third of all deaths around the world are the result of heart disease, making cardiovascular disease the number one killer globally. . Read more...

Vitro Diagnostics

What you Need to Know about Blood Sugar Levels

13-12-2017   |  

Blood Sugar Levels is something which is really dreaded by those suffering from diabetes or nearly diabetes.So it is very important to understand as to what the Blood sugar levels indicate and the repercussions which they can have on our body. [google_add] There are several factors which impact Blood Sugar Levels and as such need to be monitored carefully.Keeping the Blood sugar levels within the Desired range should be a top priority.The s. Read more...

Ways to Balance Blood Sugar

How to Balance Blood Sugar to Promote Weight Loss?

29-11-2017   |  

Keeping blood sugar balanced is important for your health.  People feel energetic, their cravings subside, their weight is controlled and their mood is stabilised when their blood sugar is in a normal range. It is vital to balance your blood sugar to prevent diabetes and heart disease. A balanced blood sugar also keeps the metabolism high and improves concentration and memory. So, if you want to shed a few pounds and keep yourself healthy, then . Read more...

Predict Heart Disease Risk

5 Golden Rules to Prevent Heart Diseases !

29-09-2017   |  

One person dies every 33 seconds due to a heart attack! The current status of India concerning heart disease is alarming; a report suggests that the burden of cardiovascular diseases in our country will surpass that of any other country in the world by the year 2020.Keeping your heart in good health is crucial. Doing so is not that tough, you just have to make little efforts. What you have to do is be active, eat well and take good care of your h. Read more...

Sweet potatoes for diabetics

Eating Sweet Potatoes for Diabetics – Healthy or Unhealthy?

08-09-2017   |  

Do you feel depressed because you can’t eat your favourite foods because you have diabetes? A diabetic patient understands the pain of giving up foods they love to eat. Following a strict diet plan and depriving yourself of so many exquisite foods can be really hard for those who are suffering from diabetes. Well, good news for you! There are some foods that are yummy and good for diabetes, and one such food is sweet potatoes! Yes, eating sweet. Read more...