11 steps to a healthy pregnancy

11 steps to a healthy pregnancy

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Women always desire for a Healthy Pregnancy 

A healthy pregnancy is the desire of every woman and her family too. A healthy pregnancy means that the comfort level during pregnancy is well maintained without cutting down the health expenses. If you can spend your savings or income on your health for a better tomorrow for your child, the right time to begin is during your pregnancy. When you are expecting, you dream of a healthy baby, whether a son or a daughter. You go on planning for them in the best way possible.

Steps to a Healthy Pregnancy

1. Remain Hydrated all the Time- Keep drinking plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated. It can be plain water, juices, soups, protein shakes, etc., apart from alcohol and beverages.

2. Maintain your Iron Levels- Add more fruit juices rich in vitamin C to maintain your iron levels and prevent Anemia

3. Add Dried fruits to your Diet- During your leisure time especially after lunch add dry fruits as a part of the snack and keep on munching and keep yourself full-on.

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4. Maintain Regular Exercises- Do not put off your exercising tools. Keep exercising and stay healthy. But do not overrun during pregnancy, maintain your comfort levels while exercising and stop pushing yourself if you are not in a mood to exercise on any particular day.

5. Stay away from Stress- It would be better to keep yourself away from any stressful situation or heavy workloads.

6. Stay away from Alcoholic Drinks- Being addicted to alcohols is not good for health, and when you are pregnant, it might cause a burning effect on your body.

7. Reduce Caffeine Consumption- Caffeine and beverages must be reduced to the extent possible.

8. Have a proper Sleep: It is extremely important that you must have a good sleep and not just only sleep. Proper sleep of Min 7-8 hours would be essential and proper rest after working is required along with that.

9. Eat a lot of Veggies- Add vegetables like green vegetables, coloured vegetables like carrots, beetroots, and beans. This would give a healthy colour and a healthy skin to your child

10. Maintain precautions while Eating few Foods- Do not take raw meat during pregnancy; it might not be good at all for you and your child’s health.

11. Meet with People around you- Do not keep yourself isolated; meet people around you. Talk to them, laugh with them, share special moments of your pregnancy. It will let you feel free from stress if any, which is a good sign for a healthy pregnancy too.

Tips to Get back in Shape After Pregnancy

Thus, following these 11 healthy steps would be very beneficial for your child’s health. It would be great if you follow them regularly during and post-pregnancy too. It will help you stay fit even after childbirth. You might face troubles and complications when you reach 7 or 8 months of your pregnancy, but do not panic as these are usual. This doesn’t mean that you become careless regarding them. Always, consult your gynaecologist and follow the precautions which they have prescribed. Take medicines regularly and undergo routine checkups without fail. This would lead to fulfilling your expectations of having a healthy child irrespective of the fact whether it is a boy or a girl.

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