5 Cool and Fun Kids learning apps

5 Cool and Fun Kids learning apps

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Rainy weather is very painful for kids and parents. It’s hard to keep them inside and entertained. In the monsoon, the addiction of playing goes to a whole new level, but hooking up with gadgets can be very useful. Luckily, there are a few productive apps for children that you can introduce to your kids. These apps are designed with attractive graphics with education and knowledge which will make your child smarter. Here are 5 Cool and Fun Kids learning apps:

5 Cool and Fun Kids learning Apps

1.Sudoku School:

Sudoku School is a perfect puzzle game for kids. It teaches 4X4 and 6X6 puzzles rather than the standard 9X9 puzzle to make it simple. There are multiple features in the app-

• Easy to drag and drop Sudoku puzzles
• Coloured tiles to look attractive
• Ten different difficulty levels
• Explanation of the rules
• Six different cool themes
• 4000+ puzzles available
• Trophy wall to watch progress
Without any doubt, these features will help your kid to master the art of solving puzzles.

2.Lazoo Art Box:

Lazoo Art box is a creativity application which will help your kids to express their creativity, and also it focuses on early literacy. In this app, kids are inspired to draw and colour on pictures with particular directions. Suggestions for each example can be heard too through the speech option, highlighted on the screen to recognise. The best part is after it’s done their creativity will come up with animation.
• 26 animated drawing sheets
• Stickers, rolling stamps, colours, chalk, palette
• Built in differing thinking skills
• Solving skills with implementation, communication, evaluation, creativity
• Imaginative prompts

3.YouTube Kids:

The application is designed for curious kids. YouTube kids feature art, literature, science & technology, languages and many more videos which will help your child to be smart and knowledgeable at the same point of time. Also, you don’t have to worry about inappropriate contents, and you can set a time limit of usage of the application.
This app features-
• Easy scrolling and navigation
• Instant full screen
• Connects with Chromecast and smart TVs

4.Bugs and Bubbles:

Bugs and Bubbles is an app based on award-winning Bugs and Buttons. With detailed graphics, beautiful music, and advanced communication this game will engage, educate, and entertain your kids. Your kid can harvest, pop, pinch, and nudge bubbles in a mythical factory.
Key features-
• Above 18 games and activities
• 60 minutes of beautiful music
• 30+ achievement stickers
• Nice visual instructions
• Multi-touch interaction

5.Music Sparkles:

Music Sparkles offers a world of music in your hand. With piano, electric guitars, keyboards, drums, and many other instruments will help your kid to be musically creative. Also, vocal notes will help to learn the keys and make your kid theoretically genius.
This app features-
• 12+ musical instruments including 4 octaves and 24 notes
• Five beautiful music loops
• Authentic drums
• Education with vocal notes- learn and play

Nonetheless, these kids learning apps will not only entertain your children but also help them and you to recognise their future talents.

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