6 phrases the Parents of a Newborn Baby hate most

6 phrases the Parents of a Newborn Baby hate most

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Becoming Parents- a wonderful Gift

Almost all of us someday desire to become a parent and have a child to nurture throughout the lifetime. It is an opportunity to prove ourselves in life that we too can handle this great responsibility like our parents did. When the baby is born parents are happy and want to share their happiness with everyone. This is also the reason why a party is given a lot of times to celebrate the arrival of the newborn baby and invite relatives as well for blessings. Besides blessings, there are people who annoy the parents with their questions which make the parents face the dilemma and leave them unanswered. Here are few questions and phrases which the newborn’s parent would not like to hear.6 common phrases which are hated by almost all the parent’s of Newborn baby.

1. Does the baby have good Sleep throughout the Night?

This is a very useless question that a baby could have a sleep throughout the night. A baby will obviously get up in the middle of the night if it feels uncomfortable, as usual. So what is the use of asking such annoying question?

2. Are you sleeping well or getting enough Sleep?

Now after an inquiry of the baby, the guests inquire about the parent’s sleep. Another useless question which annoys the parents. Now, c’ mon, how will the parents sleep for the whole night when the baby is awake and couldn’t sleep? There are other responsibilities too.

3. Can I be of any help?

Well, how can you become good help? Are you going to change the diaper every time the baby needs them or feeding the baby on time? There is a lot of work which needs to be performed by the parents’ every day and you cannot afford to do the same leaving your own work.

4. I am aware of how it feels having a Baby as I do have a pet-

O Well, does your pet need to put on a diaper every time or needs to be fed with care every 1 hour or two? Do you leave your work around and take your pet on the pram and go out in the evening? So, why do you compare the pet with a newborn child?

5. Is that enough for you to get a Baby and give up everything else?

It is a blessing to have a baby in your life. You need to plan a lot of things for the better future of your baby. So how can it be the only thing to have a baby and that’s it.

6. So, when are you both Planning for the Next?

This is the question one needs to laugh at. A child has been planned and given birth after a lot of care and nurturing and a lot of responsibilities come along with it and the parent’s first need to ensure the baby and the mother adjust to the changes and then think about anything else. Well, it will and should probably be 3-4 years for the newborn child to adapt to the environment and stand on its own feet and become capable of handling little things. Thereafter the parents could decide whether to plan for a baby again or not depending upon the circumstances and the mindset.

Thus, here were the few unwanted phrases and questions which one needs to avoid when they meet a newborn’s parent. It will make them hate your question and the first impression could be a bad one. So, follow them up and try to give some good and helpful blessings to the child and pray to god to shower happiness for the rest of their life. It would really impress them and they would also think of your blessings and your love towards the child.

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