9 Effective Ways to Deal with Teenagers

9 Effective Ways to Deal with Teenagers

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What is the age of your child? Is it between thirteen and nineteen? That means he/she is a teenager. Every teenager o goes through a difficult time in their life during this stage. Sometimes they display negative attitudes such as defiance against authority, rule-breaking, and aggression. In order to deal with these issues in teens, there are some essentials which a parent or even teachers need to follow. But before that let us know the changes which are usually seen in an adolescent or teenage child. Teenagers begin to claim their independence and find their own identity. A teen faces behavioural, emotional and learning problems and the parents should be aware of this fact and find the best ways to deal with Teenagers.


Many changes in them seem unpredictable to parents. Parents feel that their child, who once used to be sweet and innocent, now greets everything with a roll of eyes or slam of the door. Also, wearing trendy clothes and being up to date with fashion is important to teenagers. Adolescents face hormonal changes which often lead to mood swings. Peer group becomes extremely important to teens. They get easily manipulated by their friends. These are the actions of a typical teenager. Some teenagers are even more troublesome. They start abusing drugs or alcohol. They exercise at-risk behaviours such as violence, bunking school, self-harming or other criminal activities. Sometimes, they also go through mental problems like depression and anxiety. These changes often leave parents hurt, but it does not mean that their children do not need their love. Now the question arises as to what should be done to deal with such kind of teenage behaviour.


Understanding The Ways to Deal with Teenagers

1. Understanding Teen Development

A teenager’s brain processes information differently than an adult’s mature brain. The frontal cortex (part of the brain which is used to manage emotions) is restructured during the teenage years. Understanding adolescent development can help and guide the parents to stay connected to their teen.

2. Make Lifestyle Reforms

Teens often rebel against the rules and regulations, but that does not mean that they do not need them. Proper bedtimes and mealtimes, restricted phone usage after a particular time, encouraging them to develop healthy eating habits, etc. are some changes which are necessary to ensure a healthy lifestyle of a teenager. But most importantly a teenager needs 8 to 10 hours of sleep to be mentally balanced. Sleep deprivation can cause stress and problems with weight and concentration.

Healthy Eating

3. Spend Time with your Teenager.

Schedule family time activities like eat meals together. Try to spend quality time with your child like go out for shopping, play games, etc.

4. Express your Affection

Show your child that he or she is worthy, loved and cared for. Physical contacts such as hugs and kisses go a long way in expressing your love for your child. Praise them for their positive characteristics. Provide support when they need it. Give them small surprises like making their favourite dishes etc.

5. Be Interested in their Life

Ask questions from your teens and avoid one-word answer questions. Prefer to ask open ended questions such as “What all did you do in school today” instead of asking “how was the school today” which can just be answered in one word. Try to understand their perspective or view instead of correcting or advising them.

6 Ways to Deal with Teenagers: Allow Space

Do not try to monitor your teen by spying on them. It will do more harm than good. Adolescents require a sense of autonomy and freedom which should be given to them.

7. Avoid Family Disputes

Marital disputes lead to a reduced family connection. Try not to fight in front of children. Avoid raising voice out of rage.


8. Exercising and Meditation

Exercising and Meditation is a great way of controlling your Body and Mind. Get your Teenager to indulge in Exercises and Meditation and if possible do it together.This will help a great deal to control emotions and at the same time lead to better Bonding.

9) Encourage Healthy Peer Relationships

Explain to your teens that a positive friendship includes trust and loyalty. Know your teen’s friends and their parents personally. Now it is time to remind you and your child that no matter how much pain you are facing, things can and will get better for both of you. With love, support and guidance of parents, teenagers can overcome the hurdles of their adolesce and mature into a Happy and Succesful Adult.

Surely the above-mentioned facts can help you find great ways to Deal with Teenagers. However, if in spite of best efforts if the children continue to demonstrate negative behaviour it would be a good idea to Consult a Doctor

Whole Body Checkup


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