Best Play Schools in Kalkaji, Delhi for Your Little One!

Best Play Schools in Kalkaji, Delhi for Your Little One!

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“But my kid is too small to attend a preschool” is an excuse many parents make when someone asks them the reason for not sending their child to the preschool.

Little do they know is that preschool education is important as it is the best way to prepare the kids for the test that awaits them at the start of elementary school.

Preschools provide a holistic curriculum for the kids which allow them to gain basic knowledge and discover their innate skills.

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Preschool education comprises of various events and activities which enable kids to boost their literacy skills, math skills, discover their talents and grow holistically.

Parents know the value of education in life, and that is why, when it comes to their child’s education- They want their kid to attend the best school!

Today, finding the best playschool for kids is not that hard! Everything is available on the Internet- there are various online sites which provide complete details about the Play Schools.

Here is a list of Best Play Schools in Kalkaji, Delhi:

1. Udgam Play School

Udgam Play School is a well-established preschool, which is known for offering the best quality preschool education to the kids. The play school provides kids with all the modern facilities along with a great infrastructure so that they can learn and have fun.

The preschool believes that all kids are born with a talent; it’s just that the talent needs to be tapped at the right time so that it can be developed.

Teachers at Udgam Play School believe that kids need to grow holistically, which is why various activities and events are conducted at the preschool which aims at overall personality development of the children.

The preschool offers a very safe and secure environment for the kids which makes them ‘Feel at Home.’ The teachers at the playschool are well-trained and professional and give equal attention to every kid.

Udgam Play School in Kalkaji

Apart from this, the playschool is well-known for providing the best day care facilities. A variety of highly nutritious and delicious food items are prepared in-house so that kids can choose the food they like and stay happy.

Also, the playschool offers day boarding and transport facility to ensure safe pickup and drop the kids.

In a nutshell, Udgam is a play school that every child would love to go to!

Address: MOR Pocket 104, Near Balaji Estate, Kalkaji, New Delhi

2. Cradle to Krayons

Cradle to Krayons is a preschool which aims at the overall development of the kids. The play school has a decent infrastructure with all the modern facilities which enables kids to have fun while they learn.

The teachers at the play school engage the kids in various preschool activities which help the kids boost their literacy skills, math skills, motor skills and cognitive skills.

Also, the caregivers motivate and encourage the kids at every step so that they can learn and discover themselves.

The playschool focuses on teaching kids by adopting experiential learning methodology whereby kids learn different concepts by using materials and doing things practically. The play school provides a safe and secure environment for the children and make sure that kids ‘feel at home’ while they are in the school.

Address: No. B-29B, Ground Floor, Kalkaji, Delhi

Selecting a good playschool is a tuff decision for every parent as no parent wants to make any bad choices when it comes to their kid’s education. Hence, before selecting a playschool- parents must get all the details about the Playschool; visit the playschool; talk to the teachers and parents of other kids studying at that preschool, and then make the decision.

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