Best Tips to Develop Good Reading Habits in your Child

Best Tips to Develop Good Reading Habits in your Child

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Every parent wants their child to excel in everything and grow into a successful person. Inculcating good reading habits in a child is one of the best ways to increase their knowledge and also enhance their creativity. Reading is a habit which your child must imbibe as it not only gives them information but also grooms their personality. Parents can Develop Reading Habits in Children and make it more enjoyable for them by adopting different ways.

Mostly, children like to play outside and don’t want to stay at home and read about anything. It is a difficult task for parents to Develop Good Reading Habits in their children, but it is not impossible.

Tips to Develop Good Reading Habits in Children:

1.Read With Your Children

Learning of a child begins at home. Kids imitate their parents, and thus they don’t develop any habit in which their parents are not involved. Thus, parents should not force their child to read something on their own. They should sit with their kids and read with them. Initially, parents should read out to their children so that later on, the kids feel confident in picking up a book themselves. Once they start reading themselves, sit and enjoy reading with them. This practice will help the kids in increasing their vocabulary and understand comprehension of words.


 2.Expose Them to Books

Make Library and Bookstore a picnic spot for your child and get them exposed to different varieties of books. Reading does not mean that your child must read only newspapers or other educational books. Kids can also develop Reading Habits by reading Comic Books. Thus, do not force your child to read only educational books. Take them to a bookstore or a library and let them choose the book they want to read. It will stimulate their reading interest, and next time, they will force you to take them to a bookstore rather than a toy shop or an ice cream parlour.

3.Make Reading Fun for the Kids

Reading itself is not a very fun task especially for children. Kids love to play and interact with others. Thus, it is your duty to make reading fun and exciting for your kids. For that, you must choose different kinds of books for your children. Do not read one particular kind of book to your kid every day. Buy interesting books which have drawings and illustrations in it; change the tone and pitch of your voice while reading out to them. This will make the reading more enjoyable to them, and next time they will surely come to you to read out a book for them.

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4.Adopt Interactive Storytelling Method

Interactive and informal sessions that are fun and enjoyable can also help in developing good Reading Habits in your child. Interactive Storytelling method is whereby you use interesting props, Role Play and open-ended questions to make reading fun and a creative task. For example, you can pick your child’s favourite comic book and ask them to play the role of their favourite character with you. This will help them in developing an interest in reading books.

5.Begin with Simple Books

If you start with those books which are hard for your child to understand, they will be stressed out while reading it and might start hating Books. Thus, you must start with fun and simple books which are enjoyed by your child. Also, start with a small book that won’t take too long to read and keep the kid engaged.

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6.Know your Child’s Interests

At the initial stage of developing Reading Habits in your child, you must buy books that they enjoy. So, if your child’s area of interest is in Science, don’t compel them to read fiction stories. Just remember that any reading is good.

7.Discuss the Book with your Child

Children love to have conversations with their parents. So, when you or they have finished reading a book, generate a conversation about the book. Ask them what they liked or disliked the book, their learning from the book, etc. If they love to draw, ask them to draw what they have read. When you have interactive conversations about their reading, it will undoubtedly stimulate their interest in reading books.

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8.Give Books as Presents

Next time your child does something which must be appreciated or rewarded, instead of giving them a toy, give them a book which interests them. Also, gift them their favourite books on special occasions. This way, they will feel appreciated and loved, and it will also serve your purpose of developing Reading Habits in them.

Reading Habit is a treasure for your child as it builds their vocabulary, boost their creativity and help them perform well in academics. You must encourage your child to read and assist them in Developing Good Reading Habits by following the tips mentioned above.

If your child is not able to read properly and is facing academic difficulties, Consult a Child Specialist immediately and he should be able to sort out your child’s problem.



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