Develop Sense of Self Esteem in Your Child

Develop Sense of Self Esteem in Your Child

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What Is Self- Esteem?

Self-esteem is similar to self-worth which denotes how much somebody values and is confident of himself or herself. Self-esteem tends to grow from infancy and keeps going until a person grows into an adult. Once a person reaches adulthood, it is harder to bring changes to how he/she sees and defines himself or herself. Self-esteem is all about the sense of feeling worthy of one’s all possible capabilities.

Why Is It Important for Kids?

Self esteem is your kid’s passport to a lifetime of social happiness and mental health. It is the basic foundation of a kid’s well-being, and it also strengthens the steps to success as an adult. A healthy self-esteem is a sort of the children’s armour against the difficult challenges prevalent in the world. Children, who are aware of their strengths, as well as weaknesses, feel nice about themselves. They also seem to face an easier time dealing with various conflicts.They possess an amazing power to resist all types of negative pressures. Children possessing high amounts of self-esteem are much more realistic and optimistic than other kids around them.

Ways to Build Self Esteem:

Parents often find it quite challenging and tiring to nurture the sense of self-worth in their children. But no matter how hefty a responsibility it may look like, it needs to be nurtured in your children and that too by you only.

Celebrate everything positive: You should acknowledge each of the good things done by your kids. They must also be encouraged to do more number of positive things to grow strong self-esteem in them.

Avoid comparisons: As a parent, you have to resist yourself from comparing your kids to any other kid. If you tell your kid that he is not as good as somebody else is, he is bound to grow with an inferiority complex about himself. On the other hand, do not point him out as a better or the best one since it may turn him into being overconfident.

Pay attention: Pay enough attention to your children to avoid them to grow into a lonely, inferior and worthless child. Even though you lack much time, you must take out some time to give your infants undivided attention. It makes them feel that they are precious and important to you all.

Teach limits: Do establish particular and reasonable rules for your little ones to make them feel secured. If they are least bothered about such rules, you have to repeat your words regularly. But never lose your patience.Just be firm and polite in what you do

Mistake is a part: To save your children from making themselves inferior or worthless, tell them that mistakes are an integral part of the process to learn self-worth. The best way to do so is to explain that all these are valuable lessons building up their confidence.

Unconditional love: Your kids are small little creatures, and they must be treated with unconditional love as well as care. Love the kids unconditionally regardless of their temperament, strengths, difficulties, or abilities. This will inevitably transform into a sense of worthiness in small children.

Other ways such as offering empathy in each of their failures, listening properly (to what they want to say), and supporting healthy risks are part of the process related to developing growing self-esteem in them. Parents are the primary source of a kid’s sense of self-worth. Try the tips mentioned above and help them to be self-confident. Do your best, sit back and relax-Your child will make you feel proud of their achievements –One Day!

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