Effective ways to teach your Kid Restaurant Manners

Effective ways to teach your Kid Restaurant Manners

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Kid Restaurant Manners matter a lot as Going to a restaurant and finding that your kid creates a mess while waiting for the food to arrive is an embarrassing experience, and we should be aware as to how we can avoid such a situation and prepare the kid for such occasions:

1. Set a realistic expectation and Role-Play at Home:

Expectations include how long your child can sit quietly in a restaurant, what are they expected to eat and, what will be the consequences if they choose not to follow the rules.
Demonstrate to the kids at home -How to eat in public with fork and knife, how to talk pleasantly, saying ‘please’, ‘thank you’ when something is to be passed on, not to jump up and down while eating and not to argue with other people.

The kids should be made to understand that there will be other people in the restaurant who won’t want to be disturbed so they shouldn’t speak loudly, not walk away from a table and play on the floor, etc.

2. Kid Restaurant Manners: Start with a Kid-Friendly Restaurant

Ask the restaurant manager if they have a kid-friendly appetiser or something on the menu that your kid likes. Don’t choose any fancy restaurant where small spills or messes may become a big issue. If your restaurant has a child’s zone-Let the kids enjoy it.

3. Take a break outside, avoid Power-Struggle:

If the kids do not listen-Take them to the car or someplace outside the Restaurant, wait for few minutes and let the kid calm down. Ask them if they are ready to go back with the temptation of some good thing to eat maybe a Dessert. Never reprimand Kids in public; just gentle reminders to behave well in public.

4. Brings Fun Things or be in tune with your Kid:

Bring your kid’s favourite puzzle, books to keep occupied. Involve the kids in Conversation.-Talk about the Menu, Décor, etc. Praise them for being well mannered.

5. Practice, Practice and Practice:

Practice makes a kid perfect. Every visit to a restaurant is a learning curve for the kids. They get better prepared as to what is expected of them in such an environment.

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