Ensuring Safety of Your Kids at Home

Ensuring Safety of Your Kids at Home

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Be Careful Even at Home

Home is a cosy place to relax and enjoy spending time with each of the family members. We are worried about the safety of our kids at school and on the road. But why aren’t we bothered about their safety at home? Is it because we tend to think that no mishaps can happen at home? This notion is not correct because accidents do happen even inside the house. So, as parents, you must ensure the safety of your children while they are spending time at home. Nothing should be more important to you than the security and safety of your kids at home.

Responsibility of Grandparents

Nowadays most of the parents are working. Those parents hardly get to spend time with the kids during day time. Grandparents are often entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of the kids by the parents. So, many children spend time at home with their grannies and grandpas. Ensuring the overall well-being of the grandchildren must constantly be a matter of concern to such grandparents. They must keep in mind that the kid is under their care and they are answerable to the child’s parents if anything wrong happens. So, grandparents should also provide equal importance to the safety of your kids.

Areas of Risk

With the growth of the children, the probability of mishaps will increase. There will always be minor bruises and scrapes along the way. But prevention of serious injuries and accidents must be looked after. Things which are prone to bring the danger of serious kind are as follow.

• Gas oven- Children doing something wrong with the gas oven or fire may cause burns, scalding or bursting.

• Swimming pool and bathtub- These may bring dangers like drowning and choking.

• Medicines and poison- Intake of wrong medicine or poison can cause harms like choking; or even death.

• Rope- Rope brings forth the risk of strangulation.

• Batteries and electronics, electrical gadgets- All these things are extremely dangerous and can cause serious harm to children.

• Open rooftop- Kids are not careful enough while playing and they are often found to slip from the open rooftop. It can easily fracture their body parts.

Safety Measures

Parents ought to accept the responsibility of explaining the safety measures to the kids. They must discuss the importance of such measures as simple as storytelling.

• Installation of close circuit cameras: So that no intruder can cause harm to your lovely kids, installation of CCTV cameras is extremely important. Children must be trained with in-home systems and other apps to reach out for help.

• Engage a security guard: It is always appreciated if you keep a security guard at home; at least during the hours you are outside.

• Fire Alarm: Your home must have fire alarms so that fire can’t cause huge loss. In fact, there must be fire extinguishers at each and every house.

• Keep danger-prone substances away: Parents must keep substances like acids, strong medicines, chemicals, etc. out of reach of children.

• Using locks: Keep the main gate of your house and the door to your open rooftop locked.

• Important contact numbers: Crucial contact numbers like that of yours, fire station, police station, ambulance, etc. must be penned down and stuck on the wall. This will help your children send SOS messages or calls during danger.

While choosing safety measures  make sure your safeguards are appropriate for your children’s age. Show them different videos on how to protect themselves from danger and train them accordingly. We want you and your cheerful kids to stay protected all the time.

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