Establish a Healthy Bedtime Routine for Your Kids

Establish a Healthy Bedtime Routine for Your Kids

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Plan It on your Own

A well-planned bedtime routine is one of the most useful strategies for the parents to keep the children quiet and happy. It includes events like narrating engaging stories to kids, brushing their teeth, etc. The more relaxing the bedtime rituals are, the more likely your children will go to bed faster and fall asleep quickly. Parents include in the routine is up to them. You just need to make sure that -what you choose is helpful to calm your toddlers. But you must bring together an entirely predictable sequence of events which you can follow each night consistently.

Why Is Bedtime Routine Important?

A pleasant bedtime routine eases the transition from a kid from getting up to falling asleep. It helps children feel more comfortable and secure about the things they can anticipate each day before going to bed. A good bedtime routine can serve you and your kids very well. Such routines will significantly help them change and evolve as they grow to keep all the basics just the same. A simple yet effective bedtime routine prepares their nervous system for complete relaxation. Relaxing bedtime routine soothes the kids and brings them happiness. Moreover, once the baby is habituated with such routines, they can be led to sleep anywhere without creating tantrums.



Best Ways to Structure Bedtime Routine

As a parent, you must be thinking what can be the best way to avoid bedtime battles and get your infant to sleep? Here are some of the most amazing and efficient night schedules which will surely help your kids sleep soundly.

A Warm Bath: A hot bath slightly raises the body temperature of your baby. It brings more sleepiness and relaxes as well as prepares his body for sleep. If your child does not seem to enjoy a bath at night, you better drop it from the routine.

Get Dressed for Sleep: Choose nightdress according to the weather or season. But the clothes must be comfortable and non-binding ones and should not be too light or even too warm.

A companion to Sleep with For complete relaxation in bed your child must not be left alone in the bedroom. Either of the parents or both or even a teddy bear, the doll must be his companion while sleeping. It brings forth a sense of security and togetherness in kids.

Narrate his favourite Story: This is the most common way of lulling your children to bed. Children love to listen to stories, and they enjoy every single bit of it. So don’t forget to tell a tale of their choice; be it fairy tale or funny stories. You can also recite rhymes or beautiful poems to them.

Brush their Teeth: Explain how necessary it is for them to brush their teeth before going off to sleep. You have to be patient about making this a routine work for them.

Play simple Games: Children enjoy playing simple games like card games, puzzles, etc. with their parents before they go to bed. It gives them the opportunity of spending quality time with their parents.

Say ‘Goodnight’: Greeting or bidding goodnight to your infants must be the last step of all bedtime rituals. It will make them realise that it is the final call for sleep. Plant a warm kiss on your baby’s forehead to express how much you love him.

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