What is Obesity

What is Obesity

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Obesity is a condition wherein the weight of a person is substantially more as compared to the median weight of people in that age group. Modern innovations in science and technology have bestowed us with many luxuries and comforts in our life but it has imparted many illnesses as well which have become a menace to human life, and obesity is one of the severest ailment of them. Obesity is not assumed as a disease usually, but it is the root of all diseases which has affected everyone’s life from adolescence to adults. Children who are fat look healthy, but there is a big difference between an obese and healthy child.

Signs of Obesity

It, in fact, is the indicator of prosperity, but it is not a sign of good health. There are many standards by which it can be measured whether you are a victim of fat or not. Body Mass Index (BMI) is the simplest one which can easily tell you if your body is overweight.BMI is nowadays is available in smartphones, and you can easily assume whether you are obese just by inputting the physical data.


Why Obesity Occurs?

It occurs mainly because of our disproportionate eating habits. When we consume more food than our body requires, we give an invitation to obesity. Our body automatically takes the necessary amount of energy from the food that we eat and the rest of the food begins to accumulate in the form of fat in our body eventually causing obesity.
Sometimes, children get obesity hereditarily from their parents, but it can be brought in control by parents if they are committed to controlling that.

Physical and Mental Impacts of Obesity

Children become a victim of many physical health problems due to obesity, but you will be surprised to know that obesity causes mental disorders too in children.
It can start in children when they are merely 2 years old, and when they gradually grow, they become a figure of fun for others, and thus they feel shame and get prone to depression.At times they even turn unwilling to come out of their home.

Some easy tips to take care of Obese Kids Efficiently:

• Keep yourself updated with the ways of a healthy lifestyle
It is the paramount duty of parents to be always informed about the vigorous ways of a healthy way of life. If parents are unaware of the means and methods of healthy living, they will be able to make their children aware of the same.

• Parents themselves need to follow the methods of a healthy lifestyle
Sometimes well-educated parents who are quite aware of the healthy ways of living and know-how obesity occurs but they don’t follow the healthy routine. And it will be somewhat impossible to make kids follow the healthy routine if parents don’t follow that.

• Start taking care of the child right from the childhood

Whole Body Checkup

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