How to Control your Anger and Stay Calm

How to Control your Anger and Stay Calm

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There are many moments when parents realise later that the things they said to the kids were absolutely out of place and totally uncalled for. Those words don’t make one a very loving and caring parents that they all intended to be and makes them wonder why they lost control. Shouting at kids may not always be bad and is not a sign of terrible parenting. To scream at the kids is a sign which indicates that one is working hard and also one needs to take some step back. It might be a sign of terrible stress and trouble that is probably going on in their lives.So it is high time to know How to control your anger!

How to control your Anger: A few Things to Remember

There is a clear sign of trouble there, and one needs to work on it more often. Here are some steps by which parents or adults can stay calm at that particular moment.

• The first thing to do is to get some time out of the busy schedule to listen to what the kids have to say rather than having a knee-jerk reaction to whatever they say or do. This can be considered as a preventive tool. Getting some time out to listen to children in bed can actively result in venting out the day’s trouble thus starting the very next day afresh. Getting some regular time out and listening to them can let the past go.

• Second is to conserve some downtime for oneself. People often seem to complain about many things to do. The more stress out the individual is, the angrier he or she gets. So it is always essential to drop all the unimportant work off the list and thus spend more and more time with the kids back home.

Some Extra-Curricular Activities:

There are so many extra activities to bring excitement to the boredom in life.
• Try and take some time out for friends. It is always helpful to have another person around to help us to be in the thinking mode. Brain functioning becomes better when people are in the company of other people.
• It is also good to start something extra apart from the busy schedule. It is better to change the atmosphere by plugging in some music. Such activities shake out the tension and help people to reconnect with the kids as well.
• Spending some quality time with the family enables a person to calm down.

Anger Management Tricks for Your Kids

Doing something Silly:

It is always fun to do something that is considered silly for adults but is a great stress buster.
• To calm the situation down, it is always good to lie down on the floor, which helps to reset the whole situation to get over with the feeling of anger.
• Making silly noises to take out the frustrations is also an excellent method to take out the anger.

Taking out the Frustration:

• It is always good to take out the frustrations on stuffed toys rather than on kids.
• Meditation is also a very helpful method of taking out the inner anger and frustrations.
• Take deep breaths to calm down and drink water to cool the anger.

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