How to find the best Play School in Noida?

How to find the best Play School in Noida?

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Every parent has only one dream, and that is seeing their child grow into a successful human being. Parents strive hard to give the best quality of education to their kids. In the fast-growing competitive environment, getting a good quality education is vital for children’s growth.

Earlier, parents used to send their kids for elementary education because they had a mindset that playschool education is not that important. They used to wonder what their children could possibly learn at such a stage when they have just begun to walk and talk.

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But today, things are different. In this modern era, wherein many households both parents go to work, it becomes imperative to have somebody who can devote time to the children and take care of them. And that is where playschools help the parents because playschools provide daycare services where the kids are taken care of and also given proper healthy meals.

Now, it is not that playschools are necessary for only those kids whose parents are working. Preschool education is crucial for every child’s holistic development. A preschool sets up the base for children and helps them learn all the basic concepts that they need to know before going to elementary school.


Why is sending kids to a Playschool important?

Sending your kids to a preschool is one of the excellent ways to make your child learn the basic concepts, have fun and let them grow holistically.

There are several benefits of sending kids to a playschool, such as:

    It provides the kids with an opportunity to grow. Playschool is generally the first experience of the kids where they have the opportunity to learn, have fun, play, share, follows instructions in a structured setting. Getting an atmosphere where they gain knowledge, tap their curiosity, discover their innate potential helps their personality to grow overall and also prepare them for formal education.

    It is hard for many kids to stay away from their parents. Many kids get so much habitual of staying with their parents that it becomes hard for them to even go outside and gel along with other people. This behaviour may affect the personality of the kid to a great extent, as not being able to leave parents and communicate with others might affect the communication skills of the kids and make them grow into a low confident human being. Today, the playschools make sure that the kids get a conducive environment where they could feel safe and secure in the company of loving teachers, and can learn to communicate with others without getting the feeling that they are ‘away from home.’

How to Find the Best Play School for your Little One?

    When a child spends time away from parents and family, it helps them in building relationships with teachers and caregivers and creating trust with adults outside the family. Kids learn better when there is consistency in love, affection and care between home and school. In good preschools, teachers indulge parents in their kids’ activities at the school. Parents and teachers spend time together to make goals for the kid for their better growth. Parents get daily reports on the kid’s activities and regular meetings are scheduled for an in-depth conversation. In a nutshell, a preschool provides kids with a loving and caring environment where they learn to build emotional relation with teachers and other children; and all of this helps in their social and emotional development.

    Preschool education promotes language skills of the children. Teachers at the playschool help kids build their vocabulary and literacy skills by asking them thought-provoking questions, engaging them in role-play activities, story-telling games and so on. The activities are designed in a way that includes both learning and fun.

    Preschool education also helps in building cognitive skills of the kids. Teachers at the preschool engage kids in a lot of activities such as building blocks, story building, asking questions, problem-solving, etc which promotes the cognitive skills of the kids.

    Preschool education boosts literacy and math skills of the kids. Teachers at the playschool help the kids to get prepared for the kindergarten by offering them a wide variety of activities and games such as learning rhymes, reading out story aloud, playing with magnetic alphabet letters, matching games, sorting games, board games and so on that make kids competent in math and literacy skills.

     It is extremely crucial for the kids to be in motion for a good part of the day and get involved with physical activities to build their motor skills. A good preschool provides ample opportunities to run, climb and be physically engaged. Various activities are offered such as threading buds or cutting with scissors that improve their hand-eye coordination and balance, resulting in developing good motor skills.

Precisely, we can say that playschool is a place where kids learn, have fun, tap into their curiosity and get a chance to explore their own unique personality. Hence, do send your child to the best playschool.

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How to find Best Playschool online?

Gone are the days when you had to ask your relatives or neighbours about which playschool to send your child in. You can now easily find the best Playschool in Noida with the help of online sites which provide complete information about Playschools including Contact details and address.

Looking for the Best Play School in Noida  ? Here goes the List

Name Address
Udgam Play School NS-1, Sector 119, Noida
Mother’s Pride Plot No. C-54/B, Sector 61, Noida
Serra International Play School C-30/68, Opposite Indian Oil Society, Sector 62, Noida
Kidzee Play School C-30/6, Opp Steller Park Appts, Sector 62, Noida
Sanfort C-30/3, Sector 62, Noida
Trinity Tiny Tots C-30/1, Sector 62, Noida
Jingle Bells Play School I-38, Sector 12, Noida
Wings Play School C-54B/11, Sector 61, Noida
Little Angels Nursery School F-Block, Sector 21, Noida- 201301, Uttar Pradesh
Serra International Pre School J Block, Jalvayu Vihar, Sector 25, Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Bubbles Play School E-3C, Sector 61, Noida-201301
EATON International Play School B-53, Sector 52, Noida
Brooklyn Play School Plot No. B-126, Near Apollo Hospital, Sector- 26, Noida
Sanskar Play School A-117C, Sector 35, Noida
The Banyanroots  A-4, Sector 72, Noida
Aruna Play School C-58A, Sector 30, Noida
Rhythm D-196/1, Sector 51, Noida
Teddy’s Mother Care Play School  A-56/3, Sector 50, Noida
Ravi’s Noddy Play School A-56/1, Kailash Dham Road, Sector 50, Noida
Empower Kidz Montessori Preschool PKW-6, Sector-122, Noida
Summer Camp Khaitan Pre School 109/ B, Block B, Sector- 40, Noida
Maple Bear Play Way C-94 A, Near Samveda Hospital, Sector 48, Noida
Premiers Pas Block-C, Sector 105, Noida
Fathers Grace Play School C-127, Sector-108, Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Greater Valley Foundation School GT 98, Sector- 93, Noida, Uttar Pradesh
JBM Global School A-11, Sector- 132, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

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